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Thursday Things:

This year along with a few other gay, lifestyle bloggers I shared some Friendsgiving Recipes as part of Jarry Magazine’s virtual Friendsgiving. If you’re unfamiliar with what Friendsgiving actually is, it’s exactly what it sounds like: Thanksgiving for friends. As a LGBT kid who didn’t have Thanksgiving with his family…

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Thursday Things:
Grow Your Instagram Following

I’m guilty of wondering if there are any secrets in regards to how to grow your Instagram following, but as the ladies over at Create + Cultivate reminded me earlier this week there’s no secret formula. Their 5 tips on how to grow your following are pretty spot on though,…

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Thursday Things:
Pumpkin Slice and Bake Cookies

And just like that October is almost over, and just in time for Halloween Molly’s recipe for Pumpkin Slice and Bake Cookies are sure to be a crowd pleaser for all ages. Seriously though, kudos to her for planting the idea in my head about homemade slice and bake cookies….

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Thursday Things:
East Dane Sale

Believe it or not, I don’t shop a ton, but when I do I tend to shop more than I should. Which is why I tend to wait around to pull the trigger until something like this East Dane Sale comes along. As part of this season’s Friends and Family…

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Thursday Things:
New York, New York

Each and every time I visit NYC I do my best to explore a new neighborhood, Long Island City was talked this trip by staying at The Boro Hotel. But thanks to the massive size of the city I’ve barely made a dent in the areas I’d like to see more…

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Thursday Things:
Mister and Mister

I’m sure you’ve all heard a thing or two about Kim Davis over the last few weeks, and if you haven’t where have you been hiding? I’ve stayed pretty quiet about the whole situation in general, but today she’s appearing before a federal court along with her deputy clerks since…

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Thursday Things:
The Perfect Gallery Wall

After browsing Blair’s roundup of 15 Art Prints to Brighten Your Walls I realized that while I love my current apartment there’s a few things I would change, like the height of my walls. I live in the attic space of an old house, which is quaint and feels like home, but there…

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Thursday Things: Set The World On Fire

In typical The Fresh Exchange fashion they started my week off on the right foot with the above quote, and I know I’ve said 100 times before, but I’ll keep saying how much Megan & Mike inspire me to be both a better person and creative business-person until one of…

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Thursday Things:
Choosing Time Off

The above image from The Fresh Exchange expertly sums up what I was getting at when I made the confession that I took some time off from real life this past weekend, and it was exactly what I needed to read on Monday morning because I needed to be reminded…