man holding margarita

Persimmon Margarita

man holding margarita

Who else grew up eating Persimmon Pudding this time of year?

Looking at you, fellow Indiana folx!

Well this year I’m trading it in for a booze forward alternative cause if 2020 has taught me anything.. it’s that everything is made a little bit better with the addition of Santera Tequila – Persimmon Margaritas being no exception.

The tartness of the persimmon pairs perfectly with the smoothness of this Reposado expression, and the cinnamon sugar rim really sweetens the deal. Grab the recipe below AND then head to to order a bottle (or two) of #SanteraTequila for yourself.

persimmon margarita recipe

cinnamon sugar

persimmon margarita

persimmon cocktail
cinnamon sugar margarita rim

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