Josh Johnson, The Kentucky Gent and co-founder of Modern Makers Media, is a Louisville, Kentucky based life and style blogger and entrepreneur.


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Hey, my name is Josh Johnson and I am, quite by accident, The Kentucky Gent. This all came to be without me even realizing what I was getting myself into. I was doing a lot of traveling for my job at the time and often found myself being asked where I was from, and everyone seemed quite surprised that my answer was always Kentucky.

The Kentucky Gent started as a way for me to show that Southern boys have style too. Since the site’s inception it has expanded into a fully-fledged men’s life and style blog; consider it the worldwide web’s “Gateway to the South” where I share my passions for fashion, food, grooming, and travel.

I’m a southern boy at heart with a love for bourbon and beer, fashion and food, and sharing my stories and experiences with you, my incredible readers. For more information about me and my ventures, feel free to drop me a line: [email protected].

  • fabulous blog, will definitely be following 🙂
    xx Vera & Rony

    • Thanks a ton ladies! Really appreciate it. You two have incredible style and a beautiful blog!

  • Keep following your dreams! I’m very proud of you Josh!

    • Thanks doll 🙂 let me know if you want to work on a post together soon!

  • I’m really happy I’ve found your blog. As a fellow southerner and a fashion enthusiast, your blog is really inspiring. Can’t wait to follow your posts religiously, and I hope we can become friends so I can get an insight on how this works. As I would love to start my own blog one day.
    A huge fan,

    • Thank you Tyler.

      I really appreciate the kind words! Definitely feel free to reach out with any questions and tag along on Instagram so you can see more of what’s going on.

  • I just found your blog via Instagram and I like what you have going Kentucky Gent! I ant wait to see more.


  • Hey sug I found you on Lookbook and was pretty excited to see another fellow Southern show casting their unique style. You have a very cool blog and style I can’t wait to read more and I’ll be following you like a bee to a moving flower.

    • Hey doll – I appreciate you visiting the blog and for the kind words. It means the world to me.

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  • I have NO idea when or how, but I came across your blog through Twitter. Probably via Kevin (Thouswell). I must say, I like what I have read so far!! Definitely planning to keep up with your blog for sure! 🙂

    • That’s so great to hear! And thank you for stopping by + kind words, definitely appreciated.

  • Jina Michele

    Really glad I came across your blog. It’s great to see male bloggers like yourself. I definitely think you are a growing inspiration for other men to create their own style blogs too! Great content! 🙂

    • Thanks Jina! I definitely appreciate the kind words, and I’d definitely like to think that I’m helping show guys that you can be yourself while having style.

  • Reereenz

    Hi Josh – I’m just wondering how tall you are please? I’m passing your blog onto my partner and I’m hoping he can pick up some (alot) of your tips! Thanks from down in New Zealand.

    • Hey! I’m 6’4″ with a 34/35 inch inseam. Usually wear a medium in shirts and a 31 or 32 in pants. Hope this helps! And thanks for sending him my way.

  • Leilani Angel

    Hey Josh! I kinda stumbled upon your blog after reading some food blogs. I find it very cool that you are from Kentucky becasue I am as well. I was an art student at the University of Louisville. It’s funny how peopel always have this sterotypical idea of us Kentuckians. Anyway keep of the good work.

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  • Maura Broderson

    hey josh! i’m moving to lou from lex just for the next couple of months; what are the absolute can’t-miss things lou has to offer in the summer? if you already have a post about this, sorry, i must have missed it. love the blog ! xo.

    • Hey Maura! I actually haven’t done something like that.. but thanks for the idea! Putting that in the pipeline of content to get to work on. Some of the ones I would have to say off the top of my head would be.. Flea Off Market, Drinks at Garage Bar, Dinner + Drinks at 8UP, Forecastle Festival, Waterfront Wednesdays (last week of every month until September), and.. eating on as many patios around town as you can manage. My Instagram,, would probably be a good place to peruse to get an idea of what to do outdoors as well! Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂 Welcome to Lou!

  • FPLeavitt

    How have I been following you on Disqus, but never saw your blog? Nice page! Have fun and stay warm!! FPL