choosing time off, the fresh exchange, link round up, tips for entrepreneurs, how to take time off

Thursday Things:
Choosing Time Off

choosing time off, the fresh exchange, link round up, tips for entrepreneurs, how to take time off

The above image from The Fresh Exchange expertly sums up what I was getting at when I made the confession that I took some time off from real life this past weekend, and it was exactly what I needed to read on Monday morning because I needed to be reminded that choosing time off isn’t admitting defeat. It’s about giving ourselves time to breathe.

The hardest part about forging our own path is that often times we can feel like we’re totally alone in the struggle. It was honestly SO hard for me to make the decision to take time off, and if you’re self-employed I’m sure you can relate. I beat myself up over it more than I probably should’ve, but when I saw that two people I admire as much as Megan and Mike also need to take some time off on occasion it definitely lessened the blow.

One of the biggest things that gets the short end of the stick due to me working from home/being self-employed, besides my sleep and work-out schedule, would have to be my actual home. I spend SO much time looking at it day in and day out (which I’m trying to work on by working remotely more often) that I don’t realize how much my home doesn’t really feel like a home. That’s one thing that I did manage to work on during my time off last week, and I plan on adding this Outdoor Leaning Garden Planter to my back porch this weekend.

Besides my outdoor spaces, the kitchen in my apartment needs some serious TLC, and after seeing this kitchen’s before + after photos I’m seriously considering asking my landlord to paint the cabinets white.

Because if we’re being honest, I hate my kitchen right now. It’s dark, and there’s not counter space. Oh, and it’s hotter than hades during the summer, which is why I haven’t done a cooking post (minus booze) in forever.

Once I do start cooking again though I’ve got a long to-do list, which includes this Sweet Corn, Prosciutto, and Argula Pizza, Classic Bruschetta, and Kung Pao Chicken, and that’s just from one week of reading. Saying I need a kitchen remodel is an understatement.

I’ll be the first to admit that earlier this week I was wishing away the dog days of summer, but afterwards The Fresh Exchange reminded me that this month is the height of summer. It’s the our final chance to squeeze in last minute vacations, soak up the last rays of sun, and maybe have that final fling of the summer.

And after Brian’s trip to Tulum I’m seriously contemplating a trip south of the border before summer is over. Who’s with me?

Before that happens I need to get my skin under control though. I’ve been absent from SnapChat this week due to the fact that my face is breaking out worse than it did in high school. I had the silly thought that my skin had finally grown up, and I could use whatever skincare products I wanted. Boy, was I wrong. Back to the all-natural skin companies for me, and once my breakouts have subsided I’m giving this Pineapple Sugar Scrub a try. If you’ve not tried a sugar scrub, you’re seriously missing out.

And last BUT not least, I’m currently in the process of deciding between spending a month in NYC, or spend a few weeks in the Big Apple followed by a cross country road-trip. Growing up is tough sometimes! Sound off in the comments below, and let me know what I should do. I’m leaning more towards the road trip across the U.S. because remember I’m choosing time off, for my own sanity’s sake.

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by Josh | The Kentucky Gent at Mode

Image c/o The Fresh Exchange

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