thursday things, summer sweets, recipes, baking, cookies, link roundups

Thursday Things:
Summer Sweets

thursday things, summer sweets, recipes, baking, cookies, link roundups

This week’s post will follow a certain theme. A theme that’s almost on my mind, even more so this time of year: Summer Sweets. I mean, look at those above cookies. What’s not to love about them? They’re everything I want, but never find in a boyfriend. Soft on the inside, hard on the outside, and sweet all the way through. Big thanks to Kevin at Thou Swell for introducing 10 seriously sweet desserts, that I’ll be trying once I’m home from Cali. 

And while maybe I shouldn’t eat blueberry cookies for breakfast, a blueberry smoothie will do just fine, right? west elm served up some delicious looking ones on their blog recently, plus gave the advice of freezing the fruit the night which is a genius hack in my opinion. 

Something the above two posts have in common (besides blueberries) are stellar photos. Wandeleur shared some tips on making aperture or f-stop your bitch, and you’ll thank them/me after you read it. 

Something else that I love about Summer is the amount of time I get to spend in the sun, but that means it’s time to switch up my skincare routine as well. Giving thanks to Megan over at The Fresh Exchange for the reminder. 

Also, here’s another reminder: always trust your gut. Dating guru Isaac Hindin-Miller agrees with me, and yes I’m talking about looking through your lover’s phone if you feel something’s off. The two times I did this I found out that a) the guy I was seeing was “secretly” boning his “best friend” who happened to be a girl with a double sided dildo and b) that the guy I was seeing was sleeping with his boss. Both times I knew something was going on, listen to your intuition. 

Speaking of work, while I don’t recommend sleeping with bosses (it gets tricky, or so I’ve heard), I do recommend working from your happy place

As more and more times goes by I realize that Kentucky is my happy place, and Jennifer over at Pages of Style has teamed up with one of my favorite Kentucky brands in her latest post. 

While we’re chatting about Kentucky, I shared some of my favorite Louisville local spots in a post with Ford + the Taste Buds girls today on the blog as well. You’ll want to check it out!

I was never a fan of tabbouleh until I worked next door to a Whole Foods, and I ended up eating it every day. The Fox and She shared a recipe for what appears to be one helluva delicious mix on her blog, and I can’t wait to give it a go. 

Blair seriously does it all, and she shares some of her tips on being a #GirlBoss or #Boss in general on her Blog Better site, her latest one about creating a product collage was a god-send for this Photoshop challenged blogger. 

She’s also headed to Mexico tomorrow, which makes me jealous. About as jealous as I was when I saw all the photos from The Bitten Word’s trip to Spain, AND this was just round one of their photos. *sigh*

While we’re on the topic of having wanderlust/jealousy issues, let’s talk about The Modern Otter’s trip to Key West. I literally can’t even. 

BUT on that note, I’m cutting this one short and sweet. It’s time for me to start packing for my trip to California tomorrow. Be sure to tag along on Instagram and SnapChat at @TheKentuckyGent to see Whatever I get into this weekend 😉 

Photo c/o Lady and Pups


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