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Thursday Things:
A White Kitchen

Been doing Thursday Things for a while now, but realized last week that I don’t think I ever explained what the point of these posts is. I read a lot of blogs throughout the week, and this is my chance to highlight my favorite online finds: from tips on how to…

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Thursday Things:
Be Steady

There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect in all areas of life – especially when you’re responsible for your own paycheck, but one of my goals this year is learn to be okay with not being a master at everything and learning to be steady and well ordered.  5 things you…

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Thursday Things:
Living Room Trends

Once I survive my first tax season as a self-employed person I fully plan on sprucing up my living space(s), but not without consulting Emily Henderson’s take on living room trends for 2016.  I’m in the second year of blogging full-time, and it’s been a rocky first couple of months….

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Thursday Things:
Kitchen Light

Kitchen light is honestly the best light, especially when you’ve got an all-white kitchen like above. #KitchenGoals – amirite? Instead of splurging on yourself with this season’s tax refund, here are six way to reinvest your refund back into your business.  I love/hate being asked to lunch, when it’s work related,…

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Thursday Things:
Write Without Fear

To this day my most well read blog post has been my coming out story, and while it was the hardest thing to ever write – I’ve learned to write without fear.  I’ve never been a big fan of Super Bowl Sunday, but I’ve always been a fan of an…

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Thursday Things:
Bathroom Hacks

Apartments almost always have the smallest bathrooms, but these bathroom hacks can help you make the most of what little space you do have.  Want to make checking emails once a day a reality? Me too.  Counting down the days to my upcoming NYC trip, and from the sound of it…

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Thursday Things:
2016 Is My Year

At yesterday’s Connecting Things our speaker, Sarah Smith of 502 Power Yoga, challenged us to speak our goals for 2016 into existence to at least 10 people in attendance. Why? Because when you vocalize your intentions the universe has a way of making them more of a reality.

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Thursday Things:
Best of 2015

2015 was hands down one of the best years of my life. The year that I decided to become my own boss, and life as I knew it completely changed. I never imagined that this journey I began as a hobby almost 3 years ago would grow into what it is today,…

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Thursday Things:
New Year’s Eve

Christmas is 8 days away, and since it’s almost guaranteed I won’t be in the Christmas spirit by the time it rolls around – I’m gearing up for the next holiday: New Year’s Eve, and Cup of Couple is making that easier (and better looking) than ever.

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Thursday Things:
Rental Decorating Tips

If you’ve ever rented a home or apartment you’ll probably understand how hard it can be to turn a rental home into a nest, and if you can’t relate – consider me jealous. I’ve rented some incredible apartments, but I’ve always been limited on what I’m able to do to…

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Thursday Things:

This is the second time this week I’ve seen mention of homemade donuts, and in my opinion that’s the universes way of telling me that it’s time I try my hand at them.