be steady and well ordered, how to be steady, tips on being steady, thursday things, link roundup

Thursday Things:
Be Steady

be steady and well ordered, how to be steady, tips on being steady, thursday things, link roundup

There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect in all areas of life – especially when you’re responsible for your own paycheck, but one of my goals this year is learn to be okay with not being a master at everything and learning to be steady and well ordered

5 things you should be ensuring that each and every blog post includes. 

Few days late to the National Margarita Day celebrations, but anyone else care for a Grapefruit Marg

I’m an extrovert that values and requires alone time to recharge my batteries, and Anna expertly broke down what is constantly going on inside my head when interacting with other humans. 

Ever heard of painting the top 3/4 of a wall white to make the room feel larger? Yeah, me either, but it works. 

Whole, roasted chickens have been all over food blogs this week, but this Garlic Cayenne Confit Roasted Chicken won over my heart and taste buds. 

Upgrading kitchens not your thing? Then maybe Kevin’s #FabUpgrade will be more up your alley. 

Took part in a Twitter chat yesterday (how do we feel about those? I kind of love them), and I was asked my ideal brand collaboration (I wanna hear yours, comment below!). Tough question, right? Finally settled on a long running travel gig so I could explore places like The Grand Canyon and get paid for it. 

Black bean soup isn’t the most glamorous dinner option, but it’s a total pinch hitter that can also serve as a topping for eggs the next morning. 

Speaking of food, have y’all tried Mashed Cauliflower yet? If not – you’re seriously missing out. Throw in some rosemary and sour cream/greek yogurt, and they taste way better than potatoes. 

Anyone else make playdough with their moms growing up? To this day it’s still one of my favorite memories of childhood. 

Influencer marketing is changing the game, quite literally, and while 4 year degrees are awesome (minus the student loans) more and more people are landing jobs because of their blogs not their degree(s).

 Ali has been dishing up some delicious Thai cuisine on her blog lately, and this Tom Kha Gai is sounding perfect for the rainy weekend we’re about to have. 

I’m finally getting around to seeing How To Be Single this weekend, and from the sound of it it’s not the movie I originally assumed it would be (in the best way possible.)

Image c/o The Fresh Exchange

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