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Black+Decker Drills

When I was in the market for a new bed I also knew that it was high time to ditch my current bed frame, it was a behemoth and took up WAY too much space, and after toying with several ideas I decided on going with the simplest approach possible…

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Scout on Market

The busiest week in Louisville officially begins tomorrow and for many that means ironing out those final details for Kentucky Derby outfit(s) – myself included. I teamed up with I.W. Harper and Scout on Market to score those last minute essentials for what’s sure to be one of the most busy, yet fun…

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Baxter of California Spring Update

Spring cleaning is officially in the air, and I’m not just talking about your house, closet, and car (yes, I very seldom clean my car out, and I suck for that.) I’m also referring to your skincare game. I’ve teamed up with Baxter of California to share how guys (and…

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Mont Blanc Legends

When I was younger I was all about the fruity, light, airy scents, but as I’ve gotten a lot of things have changed (like drinking bourbon instead of vodka and not plucking my eyebrows) – my preferences in cologne included.  I now gravitate towards the richer, woodsy scents – especially…

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Luxe Lou Box

Most of y’all have probably seen me talk about Connecting Things Louisville a handful of times, and today I get to share something that was made possible by our monthly event. Because after all, a picture really is worth a thousand words. 

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East Dane Sale

Let me start by saying that yesterday I encountered an issue that I never in one million years imagined I’d run into. A brand used a photo of mine, without credit or permission, to  run a paid advertisement. It was running for 4 weeks before I realized what was going…

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I’ve teamed up with a handful of other lifestyle influencers to upgrade the everyday with the help of First up on my list: the kitchen. While it’s where I spend a majority of my time it’s definitely my least favorite room in the house – which made it the…

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Fall Denim

I know some people that are incredibly opposed to wearing denim. They say it makes them feel constricted and/or jeans are just too tight. I, on the other hand, think the exact opposite. There’s nothing better than a pair of short shorts on a hot summer day, but truth be…

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Bar Cart

As I’m sure y’all can tell by now I’m doing my best to incorporate more and more recipe posts, especially of the boozy variety, like the recipes for Cuba Libres and Watermelon “Bloody Marys” that I shared earlier this week. My aim is to begin including at least  one recipe most a…

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Outdoor Pottery

If you read this week’s Thursday Things (which I don’t think anyone really did, so now’s your chance) you’ll already know how I’m spending my day, butĀ for those of you that didn’t last weekend my downstairs neighbor and I tackled making our front porch feel like home and this week’s…