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East Dane Sale

Let me start by saying that yesterday I encountered an issue that I never in one million years imagined I’d run into. A brand used a photo of mine, without credit or permission, to  run a paid advertisement. It was running for 4 weeks before I realized what was going…

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Saturday Shop:

I’ve teamed up with a handful of other lifestyle influencers to upgrade the everyday with the help of Fab.com. First up on my list: the kitchen. While it’s where I spend a majority of my time it’s definitely my least favorite room in the house – which made it the…

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Saturday Shop:
Fall Denim

I know some people that are incredibly opposed to wearing denim. They say it makes them feel constricted and/or jeans are just too tight. I, on the other hand, think the exact opposite. There’s nothing better than a pair of short shorts on a hot summer day, but truth be…