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herschel, herschel supply, tote, mens bags, tote bags, shoppingHerschel Supply Co.
Bad Hills Alexander Tote

Let me start by saying that yesterday was a whirlwind, and not a single, solitary thing went according to plan. But kind of in the best way possible? So I’m not really complaining, while simultaneously giving myself a pat on the back for not freaking out on myself for getting zero on my to-do list done. Instead I treated myself to lunch, took care of some phone calls, and did some revamping on the website. Coding is NOT my forte, if it’s yours, and you ever feel inclined to lend a hand I can pay you in copious amounts of food and/or sexual favors depending on your gender. Kidding, not kidding? 

Anyways.. back to this Herschel Supply Tote. The lovely folks over at DETAILS sent it my way earlier this week, and it’s essentially everything I ever wanted in life/a bag. TBH back-packs aren’t exactly my thing, even though I have a Herschel backpack that’s great for traveling, and while I love carrying a pouch around I’m always running out of room. Long story short, I’ve had my eye one too many totes for awhile now, and I was beyond ecstatic when I opened the box to this gorgeous guy. If you’ve not checked out Herschel before now’s your chance. Seriously quality bags that are just as fashionable as they are durable. But before I go, what are y’all’s thoughts on bags? Which style do you find yourself using more often than not. Sound off in the comments below!

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