Nike Running Gear in The Kentucky Gent's Saturday Shop

Saturday Shop: Running Gear

Today’s the big day. While I’m not 100% ready to run 26.2 miles (thanks Mother Nature for all the rain) I know that once I make it to the course I’ll have it in the bag. If you feel like tracking my journey, head on over here to sign up for text alerts as I progress. In honor of the marathon today’s Saturday Shop is featuring some of my favorite running gear from Nike. Having the right gear to run 26.2, or any distance in general is seriously just as important as getting your training runs in.

The right running gear can help keep your cool, dry, and chafe free (trust me, that’s a seriously important factor to consider). If you’ve never bought serious running gear before I’d recommend heading into a store to try some things on before you start purchasing. Sizing can be a doozy, and length is ALWAYS an issue for me (6’4″ probs). If you already know your sizes though – get to shopping with some of my favorite running gear from Nike.

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