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Saturday Shop: Oversized Tees

oversized tees, oversized t-shirt, feathers, urban outfitters, shoppingFeathers Scoop Neck Tee

If there’s one thing you should add to your closet for this summer, it would be oversized tees (or four). Besides being comfy they make keeping (physically) cooler a lot easier, especially as the weather continues to warm up. Stick to tees in sheer fabrics as cotton can tend to trap heat in, and lighter colors as they don’t attract as much heat. Shop some of my favorite oversized tees below by clicking on any image below. 

This post comes c/o my trip to Urban Outfitters yesterday. If you’re in the greater Louisville area take my word for it and make the jaunt down to Lexington for the day, you won’t regret it. Grab a coffee at National Provisions, go shopping at Urban Outfitters (the store is gorgeous, staff sucks though – seriously), and then wrap up the night at Table 310. Where I happened to run into a guy from my younger years that was a total douche canoe, which made it a bit awkward, but the cocktails and cheese plate made up for it. Anyways, back to Urban Outfitters. If you’ve not shopped Feathers before, they’re some of my favorite basic oversized tees. Get on it. 

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