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Saturday Shop: Stanley Brand

stanley, stanley brand, vacuum bottle, gifts for dad, fathers day giftsFather’s Day is seriously just a few weeks away, and if your dad is anything like mine he’s one of the absolute hardest people to shop for on the face of the earth. He never “wants anything”, and even the items you do buy him he tends to not use. Because he uses the same things that he’s had since your childhood because if it’s not broken, why fix it, right? 

One thing that has not changed over the years however is his habit of drinking coffee and collecting coffee mugs, which is why this Stanley Brand Vacuum Hand Mug is going to make for the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day. Also since he’s currently in the process of renovating my Grandma’s old house the Stanley Brand Vacuum Bottle will come in handy for both of us, especially those days that I’m on site to lend a helping hand. 

If you’re still looking for Father’s Day gift ideas for the men in your life then I’d suggest heading over to see how Stanley Brand can help simplify your shopping! And see more ideas for Father’s Day Gifts For Outdoor Dads in my latest story on Mode, just click through below. 

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by Josh | The Kentucky Gent at Mode

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