sweater weather, sweater, saturday shop, urban outfitters, mens sweaters

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Sweater Weather

sweater weather, sweater, saturday shop, urban outfitters, mens sweaters

The days are still a little too warm for my taste, but the last few nights have been perfect sweater weather and that more than makes up for the 80 degree days.More and more of the bloggers (like Isaac) I follow are starting to incorporate sweaters and even a few jackets (I actually wore one to a NYFW party last weekend, photos to come) as we’re beginning to shift seasons. 

And we all know what that means, it’s time to start stocking our closets for the cooler months ahead. While it may not be time to break out the heavy sweaters, like cashmere or wools, it is the perfect time to start saying hello to thin, lightweight sweaters. I’ve been wearing them in the mornings after yoga when I go to get coffee, or if I’m getting drinks with the crew after dark. 

I tend to throw them on over whatever else I’m wearing, and because of that I usually will order up a size. When you start to transition your closet to accommodate the cooler temps what are the first things you start stocking up? Or if you’re not sure where to start some of my favorites are rounded up below, click on any photo to start shopping!

Image c/o Urban Outfitters

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