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About the Instagram Shadow Ban

If you work in the same industry as myself I’m almost positive you’re aware of the Instagram Shadow Ban. But just in case, let me summarize; several accounts began to notice their posts not showing up under the hashtags they tagged their photos with. If you’re not familiar with how Instagram…

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Easy Like
Monday Morning

I’m sharing #NESCAFE  in my life as part of a NESCAFE sponsored series for Socialstars™. I’m not a morning person. There I said it. I loathe getting up early. I’m guilty of hitting snooze one too many times. And I have the hardest time making myself get into bed at a…

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Work from Home
Productivity Hacks

I’m flying through my second year of blogging full-time here at The Kentucky Gent, and while working from home is great. It definitely has its disadvantages. Like general lack of an actual schedule. The ability to work from bed in your pajamas. Or never hitting the “off” switch. I’m guilty of…

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In My Corner

Can’t believe I’ve been blogging at The Kentucky Gent for almost four years now – two of which have been full-time. CRAZY how time flies. I’ve learned a lot over the years, but I’m humble enough to admit that there’s still a lot left to learn. Actually, it’s one of my…

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Easter Basket Ideas for Guys

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. Not because of the actual day, but because of the copious amounts of candy that always accompanied it. My mom always went overboard on the goodies she’d include, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. After all, I’ve always had one…

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Accounting Solutions

Last week was a doozy. I presented at my first ever conference and worried myself into a tizzy preparing for my presentation. But in typical Josh fashion I waited until the night before to put together the actual presentation. When I say I’m a pro at procrastinating, it’s not an…

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Anchal Project
Inspires Goodness

I’ve always considered myself a fairly involved person. Growing up I went on mission trips with my church and did volunteer work. As I got older though it’s safe to say that want waned and self-importance and ignorance took its place. I blame it on the fact that I was young…

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Bedroom Spring Cleaning

Even though the weather in Louisville isn’t quite Spring like at the moment, as we’re expecting 10-12 inches of snow this weekend. There have been several days where I’ve had the windows open airing out the stale winter air. Like this past weekend for instance. The temperature reached nearly 80 degrees, all…

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Tax Time Tips

Running your own business is great, but it definitely comes with its fair share of challenges. For me the most daunting of those challenges is anything money related. Especially taxes. I’ve always been horrible at money management and budgeting. I thought it would get better running a business but not entirely. You live…

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Perfect Travel Companion

Once upon a time I had a love/hate relationship with audiobooks. I’m just old enough to have done all of my schooling with good ole fashion paper books and still have that love for turning the pages myself. Over the years though, my relationship with audiobooks has shifted to a very-loving…

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Winter Cold Tips

I’m sharing #Robitussin in my life as part of a Robitussin sponsored series for Socialstars™. It never fails that when I travel during this time of year I come with a cold. As I gear up to head to NYC for Fashion week later this week (CAN’T WAIT) I’ve teamed…

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Havenly Blogger Home Office

I’ve lived in my current apartment for almost 3 years now, and for whatever reason I’ve just now started to settle in to the space. My bedroom doubles as a living space and home office, and up until now that meant my productivity at home wasn’t the best. I teamed…