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Thursday Things:
Summer Terrariums

flower girl NYC, west elm, summer, summer terrariums, terrariums, diy, how toSummer Terrariums
from Flower Girl NYC

Recently I tried to add some greenery to my room for a few reasons, but mostly because my room could’ve used some color. Also because I heard that it can help improve oxygen in your home, and since I work from home now I figured it couldn’t hurt. Well, between my trips to Mexico and California it’s probably on it’s last leg, sorry little guy. Which is why it’s very possible that the only plants I’ll ever keep alive while living in an apartment are succulents, and thanks to west elm I’ll at least have the best looking summer terrariums around. 

We all know how expensive it can be to furnish a new pad or update your current one, but Justin’s making it easier (read that cheaper) than ever before. Head over to Scout Sixteen to find out how. 

Blair has the same idea with her list of 10 affordable home updates on her blog, The Fox and She.

We all know how much I love denim, and according to Man Repeller one of the staples of my wardrobe may be slowly but surely losing its place in the limelight. 

Out of all the photography I do for this here blog my absolute favorite would have to be food photography, even though it’s also the hardest for me. Luckily west elm’s latest photographer of the month shared some tips on how to nail those coveted Instagram worthy food photos. 

The boys at Cup of Couple made me feel a lot better about my life when they admitted they sometimes struggle with eating good + staying active while on the road, check out their tips on mastering it on Franklin & Marshall’s blog

All the time on the road + long days the last few weeks have seriously left me a little burnt out, and while blogging may look like a ton of fun in Thom’s latest post he opens about the not so fun side of living in the public eye. 

While we’re chatting about blogs, if you’re not using Twitter for yours it’s time you started. If you’re looking for further advice, other than my own, see what Chelcey has to say about it. 

One suit that I regret not owning? A khaki one. Especially after Style Girlfriend showed us 3 ways to wear one

Emily Henderson shared an update about the progress of the Family Shelter on her blog, and it included examples of some of the art they’d be including. I’m only a tad bit jealous .

I swear I’m trying to get better about making breakfast for myself, every day, especially with posts like Beau’s Roasted Blueberry + Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Because if I don’t eat breakfast it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll be reaching for chocolate before lunch time rolls around. At least with Gimme Some Oven’s recipe for Vegan Brownies may/may not be a little bit healthier than Reese Cups. 

Last but not least, I’m headed to Nashville today with Kentucky Tourism! We’re co-hosting a night at Imogene + Willie with music by Ben Sollee + The Watson Twins, bourbon from Bulleit, and tees from Shop Local Kentucky. Be sure to tag along with us on Instagram as I’ll be giving away a stay at 21c here in Louisville along with some Shop Local Kentucky tees!

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