The Kentucky Gent, a Louisville, Kentucky blogger, dreams up his very own Pinterest worthy kitchen.

My Dream Kitchen

This time of year I would be more than happy to hold up in my kitchen and keep warm during the colder months by baking the days away. Well, that is if I had a kitchen that I felt inspired to spend more time in. Maybe it’s my country up-bringing or the fact that I watch WAY too much HGTV (wait, there’s no such thing, right?), but I can say with much conviction that I love a good kitchen. A farm style kitchen to be exact with bigger than life windows above the sink, plenty of counter space, and loads of natural light. I’ll opt for open air shelves versus traditional cupboards or cabinets. Pots and pans will be hung above the middle island for easy accessibility, but mostly because it looks bad ass. The real reason behind me wanting a kitchen full of natural light with loads of counter space? Because I want to take killer Instagram photos and start blogging about food more often. (If you’re reading this in Louisville, have a killer kitchen, and like good food, then you should get at me. We could make some magic.)

Like many individuals getting their homes renovated on shows like Property Brothers, Love It Or List It, and Rehab Addict, I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home, and I want my future home to revolve around that kitchen. While kids may not be on my radar at the moment, they certainly are in the future. I want a kitchen that makes my kids want to stay home while they’re growing up, to bring friends over to hang out as they’re getting older, and to come home to when they’ve grown up. My future kitchen will be one of those kitchens that we’ve all seen on TV shows and in movies. The quintessential, country kitchen that will be fully stocked and loaded with homemade food and baked goods from sun up to sun down.

Kitchens tend to be a place to congregate, whether on purpose or by happen stance. Let’s be real here; who doesn’t want to be as close to the food and drink as possible? Whenever (yes, I’m saying when, cause I know it’ll happen I just haven’t been clued in on the details yet) I build a house with my future hubs I’ll let him have free reign over the rest of the house as long as he lets me have the kitchen of my dreams. Keep reading for a glimpse into what that future kitchen will look like, and keep your fingers crossed that you’ll be seeing a kitchen like one of these in a food post of mine before too long. While we’re waiting for that though you can shop for your dream kitchen from some of my favorite stores like west elm, Urban Outfitters, and Pottery Barn.

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– Josh

The Kentucky Gent

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