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Outdoor Pottery

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If you read this week’s Thursday Things (which I don’t think anyone really did, so now’s your chance) you’ll already know how I’m spending my day, but for those of you that didn’t last weekend my downstairs neighbor and I tackled making our front porch feel like home and this week’s focus is the back porch. I actually already had a game plan for how to tackle the back porch thanks to Emily Henderson but after coming across the above photo on Pottery Barn while browsing for outdoor pottery I’m not sure which direction we should take!

But truth be told, probably going to go with Em’s route as I don’t know how my landlord would feel about me drilling holes into the back of our house. However the original game plan only included herbs, and after seeing how great these succulents look I’m thinking of alternating between the two. We’re hitting up Flea Off Market before heading to the hardware store, and there’s usually someone there with succulents – keep your fingers crossed! My face is no longer a safe haven for acne thanks to a trip to Lush, which means I’ll be live Snapchatting (@TheKentuckyGent) throughout the day if y’all wanna see me get my hands dirty.