What I Learned From My Mom

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Today, I celebrate you. I celebrate you because without you I wouldn’t be here. You love me when I’m at my best, and even more so when I’m at my worst. You always know when something is wrong, without me having to say a word. You’re the first person I call with good news, and the last person I break the bad news to. We may not always see eye to eye, but we’ll never stop loving each other. 

You taught me to be kind

You taught me how to cry

You taught me to be brave

You taught me how to sing

You taught me how to cook

You taught me to love learning

You taught me that I’m good enough

You taught me to have a big imagination

You taught me how to be a good partner

You taught me that it’s okay to not be okay

You taught me that I can do whatever I put my mind to.

But most of all and most importantly, you taught me how to be me

The list of what I learned from my mom could go on and on, but it would never be enough. Because without her this blog wouldn’t be a reality. Without her I wouldn’t have been given the freedom to pursue this lofty, ambitious goal. So no matter how you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day today remember that without your mom none of this would be possible.