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When I was in the market for a new bed I also knew that it was high time to ditch my current bed frame, it was a behemoth and took up WAY too much space, and after toying with several ideas I decided on going with the simplest approach possible – repurposing some old pallets that my family had laying around.

And with the help of my new Black+Decker cordless drill the task was easier than ever. 

Seeing as how I live int he attic of my current apartment I’m not sure why it took me so, so long to realize that a lower profile bed frame would mean a lot more room for me when actually in bed – especially since my 6’4″ self regularly hit my head on the ceiling when getting out of bed in the mornings. 

If you’re in a similar situation though, not to fret. Putting together a frame out of pallets is as easy as finding a local store that has some to get rid of, getting the measurements of the space you’re fitting them into, and tweaking sizes if need be. 

Lucky for me, majority of my family works at a wood working factory so coming by pallets was as easy as a phone call to one of my uncles, and they actually managed to fit the space where my bed was going perfectly, which meant the only adjustments I need to make were to add more planks to the tops of the pallets so my feet didn’t slip through whenever getting in or out of bed. 

Photos Taken and Edited Josh Johnson

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