thursday things, link round up, best of louisville, best of lou, #bestoflou

Thursday Things:
Best of Louisville

thursday things, link round up, best of louisville, best of lou, #bestoflou

Louisville is a great city. It’s filled with great food, good drinks, and some of the best folks around, and tonight at Play Louisville we celebrate the Best of Louisville. I’m beyond ecstatic to be on board as a sponsor of this incredible event this year, and if you’re in the Louisville area – tickets are still available at the door, and I’d love to see your faces there!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with what Best Of Louisville is, let me just frame it like this: it’s 4 hours of hanging with the best folks in Louisville while sampling the best food and drinks the city has to offer. In other words, it’s well worth the $30.

After sampling my Grapefruit Moscow Mules I’ve got Mules on the mind, and this one from west elm is next up in my kitchen.

Looking for a way to add some green space to your home office, but don’t have the room for potted plants? Not to worry, I don’t either, but Yellow Brick Home has a solution.

If you’re attempting to fit a live/work space into one room, like myself, these tips from west elm will be a huge help.

I’ve not busted out my bike once this Summer, I blame it on the heat, but after see Mike + Megan riding theirs I think it’s time to brave it.

Then after that bike ride I’m going to make Wandeleur’s tasty Honey Melon Feta Salad and revel in the fact that I just made the bitch my bitch.

Or maybe I’ll take the Cup of Couple route and answer the age old question of To Burger or not to Burger. To which I will always answer To Burger.

I’m considering a road trip this weekend to Chicago, but nothing will compare to my last road trip to Charleston.

Keep it short + sweet as can be today cause set up for Best of Louisville starts bright and early at 9:30 this morning, and YOU can follow along with what’s going on behind the scenes on SnapChat (@TheKentuckyGent) so come on!

Image c/o Via Studio

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