Thursday Things:
Live Minimally

The older I get, the more I do my best to live minimally and with intention.  Also, the more I realize I’d rather take several shorter trips vs. a few long ones, and these 10 hip hotels in upstate New York look like a great place to start.  “Every overnight success…

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Thursday Things:
Go Freely

As we head into the second half of 2016 remember that you always have the freedom to go freely into what lies ahead, without fear or trepidation, because the only limits placed on life are the ones you place on yourself.  Hotels with history are always a personal favorite, especially when…

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Thursday Things:
Inspired Content

If you’re anything like me churning out fresh content 5 days a week can be a tad difficult on occasion, but these 5 tips on how to create inspired blog content were a good reminder to not over complicate things – too much.  Even on your worst days never forget…

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Thursday Things:

Biggest complaint about my face (other than the occasional zit)? Under-eye bags and dark circles, which is why I always wear sunglasses in photos.  Just when I thought I couldn’t want to visit Greece more I ran across Cocorinna who proved me wrong.  As much as I love fried chicken…

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Thursday Things:
WFH Blues

The WFH Blues are real, and they’re stronger than ever as I move into year two of working from home full-time. At least thanks to these 6 ways to combat those blues I know I’m not alone. Only thing I have no my to do list this weekend is some much needed…