Mack Weldon with The Kentucky Gent

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon with The Kentucky Gent

Underwear. Something we all wear (for the most part), but very seldom speak of, especially in blogs. That’s why whenever Mack Weldon originally reached out to me in regards to working together I was a bit hesitant. I mean, let’s be real – I definitely DON’T have an underwear model body, and even if I did I don’t think I’d be posting photos of me in me in underwear on the blog. Well, maybe I would, BUT only for artistic purposes, obviously. 

But all reservations aside I agreed to meet up with Collin (who is basically the most bad-ass dad, ever) when I was in NYC last to chat about what we dubbed “the great experiment”. Now I’m not exactly going to clue you in on what that grand test is, but it has something to do with underwear and socks. Let’s just say that if you’re not familiar with Mack Weldon then you’re missing out, in my humble opinion.

As a gay man – underwear is something that’s definitely important to me. “Boxers or briefs” is one of the first things (ok – maybe not first things, but it always comes up) asked when I’m seeing someone new , and it’s something I judge a guy on pretty harshly. At our age we should understand that underwear should be something we invest in, right? Ok. Glad some of you agree with me there. For those of you that don’t – I get that too. Nice underwear can be seriously expensive. It can sometimes feel like you’re either buying Hanes or spending $40 on one pair of briefs; until now that is. Mack Weldon, luckily for you and I both, has stepped in to fill that void. 

Besides being some of the most cost effective briefs that I’ve ever slipped on, they’re also some of the comfiest, and the same can be said for their socks and tees. With all the chucks that I wear their no-show socks have been a serious god-send. They even have a gel tab on the heel so that they aren’t constantly sliding up and down as you’re going about your day. In other words – there’s not much to not love about the Mack Weldon team. Be on the lookout for some more content coming your way with these guys, and in the meantime keep up with them on Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

Mack Weldon with The Kentucky Gent Mack Weldon with The Kentucky Gent Mack Weldon with The Kentucky Gent Mack Weldon with The Kentucky Gent

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