blogger burnout, lifestyle blogger, the kentucky gent, anna may photography, guy blogger

Blogger Burnout

blogger burnout, lifestyle blogger, the kentucky gent, anna may photography, guy blogger

Blogging comes with its fair share of downsides, just like any other job, and possibly more so since being your own boss definitely isn’t for everyone. After all that I went through with my sister’s passing and the residual issues that come with a death involving an immediate family member I’ve been left feeling overwhelmed by the woes of self-employed life more than usual.

So much so that I sat down with a psychic this past weekend to have a candid conversation about where I was to go from there. Before I go any further I’d like to clarify the following: A) I’ve only had  one reading in the past, and she was incredibly spot on, B) I believe in manifest destiny, but I also believe we have the ability to plot our own course, and C) I also believe that we receive what we put out into the universe, often two-fold. 

The experience was very surreal and 100% different from what I encountered last time around. We held hands, she prayed over us, and she asked our guardian angels to keep us safe as we moved through this together. God’s honest truth is that I felt more spiritual in that moment than I had in the last several years of attending church. 

But long story short, the first words out of her mouth were that she could tell there was a bit of fog around me at this point (understatement of the century, basically all of April and June were foggy as fuck), but that I was on the path meant for me. And that even though the path didn’t seem incredibly clear at the moment I’m headed in the right direction. 

She knew that travel was going to be my focus for the rest of this year, that I’m surrounded by an incredible support system of business savvy friends, and that I have no love life/will not have for a while. 

Silly as it may be those were the exact words that I needed to hear. I know that I’m good at what I do, but I also know that I’m one in a million trying my hand at this and that I’ve got a lot of work left to do. For awhile there.. I was feeling on top of the world, and I definitely learned the hard way that pride always comes before the fall. 

I let a more successful than planned end of last year go to my head, I became lazy, and I stopped pursuing new projects. I got ahead of myself, my expenses nearly doubled, and I was feeling more than just a little in over my head. Instead of asking for help, taking a break, or hustling harder, I let it get to me. 

I was back to working around the clock but really getting nothing done. I was staying up late, sleeping in late, and always feeling like I was 20 steps behind. I was more than ready for a wake up call, and a 20 minute session with a friend’s psychic was exactly what I needed. The firm kick in the ass to remind myself that I am more than capable of chasing my dreams and building my dream job one day at a time. 

blogger burnout, lifestyle blogger, the kentucky gent, anna may photography, guy bloggerThe Kentucky Gent | Tips on overcoming blogger burnout | @TheKentuckyGent blogger burnout, lifestyle blogger, the kentucky gent, anna may photography, guy bloggerblogger burnout, lifestyle blogger, the kentucky gent, anna may photography, guy blogger   blogger burnout, lifestyle blogger, the kentucky gent, anna may photography, guy blogger

If you’re a self-employed, go-getting, workaholic person reading this I feel your pain, and I understand the daily struggle – it’s both a blessing and a curse. But first things first, high-five. We’ve made the jump that millions “want to do” but in reality very few ever actually chase. Just because we’re working from home now doesn’t mean we get to stop showering, sleep in well past a decent hour, and work in our pajamas every day though. 

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely do all of the above at least a few days a week, #PerksOfTheJob, but I’ve also learned that I’m 100x more productive when I accomplish the following.


First six months of working home went something like this.. PRAISE GOD I DON’T HAVE TO SHOWER EVERY MORNING to I’M A LAZY, SWEATY, STINKY BUM – WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?! Just take my word for it and shower every day, even if you’re just working from home and your only co-worker is your roommate’s cat who loves you regardless of your stench. 

Put on real clothes

This ties directly back to my showering spiel, and while there are definitely days where I sit at my desk and work in gym shorts and a t-shirt I know without a doubt I’m a lot more productive when I put clothes on that I’d actually wear in the real world. 

Take an actual lunch break

It’s way, way too easy to work through lunch and some days dinner. Your body will hate you. You will gain weight. You will then hate yourself. It’s a vicious cycle that you don’t want to continue to repeat, trust me. Plus.. you’re a hustler. You deserve to reward yourself with a lunch. If you’re feeling extra adventurous take your lunch break outside in the warmer months, or treat yourself to a lunch away from home during the cooler ones. 

Work a set schedule

I know, I know. A set schedule, really? Yes. Otherwise you have no tangible idea of when you’re wrapping up for the day, which means there’s no urgency to get anything done. Because when you work from home you can literally work at any time of the day. Kind of like how I’m writing this blog post at 1 AM because I was lazy today and told myself that was ok – when it really wasn’t. This also includes figuring out a time of day that realistically works for YOU to wake up. I tried for the longest time to wake up at 5 AM. It never happened. 7 AM though? You betcha. Really going to try my hardest to have 9-5(ish) workdays throughout the week and allow myself to take the weekends off, especially during the summer. 

Give yourself a day off

Last, but not least, you deserve a day off. I’m no expert here, but I’d reckon to say this is probably the #1 way to avoid blogger burn out. 

This is no way, shape, or form a definitive guide on how to avoid blogger burnout, but it is how I’m working to combat it. What I’d encourage anyone suffering from any type of burnout is to figure out what’s not working for you, what does work, and then focus on realigning priorities to works for you. For me, right now, that’s focusing on getting myself back into a schedule, hustling harder than ever, and continuing to keep getting back up again.

I’m going to end with a mantra that Anna Rae implored me to repeat to myself daily because I think it’s easily one of the most applicable mindsets to have, especially when you’re your own boss.

I am the receiver of substantial increases of income through expected and unexpected resources.

blogger burnout, lifestyle blogger, the kentucky gent, anna may photography, guy blogger

Photos taken by Anna May Photography | Edited by Josh Johnson

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