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Saturday Shop:
Outdoor Pottery

If you read this week’s Thursday Things (which I don’t think anyone really did, so now’s your chance) you’ll already know how I’m spending my day, butĀ for those of you that didn’t last weekend my downstairs neighbor and I tackled making our front porch feel like home and this week’s…

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Thursday Things:
Summer Terrariums

Summer Terrariums from Flower Girl NYC Recently I tried to add some greenery to my room for a few reasons, but mostly because my room could’ve used some color. Also because I heard that it can help improve oxygen in your home, and since I work from home now I…

Saturday Shop: Floor Lamps from west elm

Saturday Shop: Floor Lamps

I’ve been putting off picking up some floor lamps for my apartment for FAR too long now. The only two lights I have in my live/work space are both overhead lights, and when I’m up late at night working harsh overhead lighting is the last thing that I need. Not…

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White Washed

What a whirlwind weekend this one turned out to be. From a totally stuffed Thanksgiving, a rather vegetative Black Friday, and a brisk Small Business Saturday spent wandering around some of my favorite shops in Nulu I spent most of the day Sunday recharging. Recharging my batteries and figuring out where to strike…

The Kentucky Gent, a Louisville, Kentucky blogger, dreams up his very own Pinterest worthy kitchen.

My Dream Kitchen

This time of year I would be more than happy to hold up in my kitchen and keep warm duringĀ the colder months by baking the days away. Well, that is if I had a kitchen that I felt inspired to spend more time in. Maybe it’s my country up-bringing or…