Saturday Shop: Floor Lamps from west elm

Saturday Shop: Floor Lamps

I’ve been putting off picking up some floor lamps for my apartment for FAR too long now. The only two lights I have in my live/work space are both overhead lights, and when I’m up late at night working harsh overhead lighting is the last thing that I need. Not sure why, but it makes me all that much more tired. Unfortunately thanks to my oddly shaped ceilings (thanks 3rd floor attic space), floor lamps are a bit complicated.

To be honest the only place I really need the extra light is by my couch. If I’m burning the midnight oil it’s definitely from the comfort of my favorite corner of my sectional. Because of that I’m seriously digging all of these arched floor lamps from west elm. AND to top that off all their lighting is currently 20% off. See.. I knew there was a reason I had been putting off making this purchase for so long! Sound off in the comments, and let me know which one you think I should get.

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Images c/o west elm

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