Saturday Shop: Spring Denim

In the spirit of keeping things fresh, fun, and funky on this here blog of mine I’m expanding my blogging schedule to run Monday through Saturday now, as of today. I spend about 75% of my day behind a screen reading blogs, seeing what’s new at my favorite stores, and just about everything in between. But I understand that not everyone’s job allows this luxury. To help out with that I’m going to start sharing a Saturday Shop post filled each weekend morning with shop-able images/links of my favorite trends, designers, styles, and/or collections.

In true Kentucky Gent fashion I’m starting off with my favorite spring denim pieces, all of which happen to be on sale until Sunday as part of East Dane’s Tiered Sale – ladies, again you’re in luck, cause ShopBop is doing the same for y’all. Light washed (bleached) + white denim may or may not be all I plan on living in this Spring, who’s with me?

Shop My Favorites


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