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Downsides of Working From Home

by Josh Johnson

topman over, topman mens clothing, mens winter coats, how to wear a beanie, how to wear a blue coat

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Next month will mark one year of chasing this blog as a full-time gig (yikes), and while working from home can be glorious there are definitely more than a few downsides. Namely: getting absolutely nothing done, feeling like your stuck at home all the time, and/or getting burnt out. 

I’ve dealt with all of the above and then some in terms of the downsides of working from home, and after wallowing in it for more than a few months I joined The Park last week, a co-op work space here in Louisville. My goal is to work from there 2-3 days a week in order to give myself some semblance of a schedule, and if you’re a freelancer or a work from home creative I’d highly suggest looking into a space like this. 

I’ve been able to get more in the few days that I’ve spent working here than I have in months of working from home. Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home, but when I’m at The Park I have no excuse to not get stuff done. My excuses at home include a big, comfortable couch, HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix, and the ability to lose the majority (or all) of my clothes.

And let’s be honest: working from home can get to be SO lonely. I hate most people (I’m man enough to admit it), but having other bodies around me while I’m working makes me feel like way less of a slave to my computer than when I’m sitting at home in silence working well into the night. 

Other positives about working from a co-op work space? The ability to shut down your computer at the end of your “work-day”. It may sound silly to those of you that don’t understand the struggle of juggling a work/life balance, but to those of you that live the struggle like I do will know exactly what I mean. 

So my challenge to you this Monday (if you’re a self-employed #boss) is to find a co-op work space in your hometown and give it a try for a day (Day passes are available at The Park for $15) then let me know how it worked out for you. I promise you won’t regret it. If you need me I’ll be working from my comfy new chair surrounded by other breathing bodies and loving every minute of it.

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  • I think I could live without wearing tons of clothes, make up, etc., while working from home but I would have to get over it in about a week. I have heard of these creative spaces popping up in cities around the US and I think it is an amazing thing, plus networking never hurt no body. Have a good day!

    I also second that “I hate most people”. = ]

    • They’re definitely an amazing thing! The first couple of months of working from home in your underwear is great, but it’s like anything else: once you get too comfortable performance starts to slip.

  • DJ Hargrave

    Co-op work spaces are the best! One of the things I’m looking forward to about post-college life are the creative spaces that I’ll be in as an entrepreneur and the experiences that come with them.

    DJ |

  • This is my 2016 goal. Get my ass to a co-op space, or at least a coffee shop once a week. Although coffee shops are just as bad, everyone has headphones in and no one talks!

    • Coffee shops are the worst! I always get distracted by the constant coming/going of people haha. #creativeminds

  • kristen

    this is a continuation of the question I asked you at the last #connectingthingslou meeting (shameless plug for your great group!) You suggested getting up at the same time every day, but I’d love a further discussion on scheduling for creatives. I have an office 3 days/week but even the times are flexible for me. “shutting off” is seemingly impossible as I can close the computer but am accessible by phone/text. Sounds like I’m not alone in this…maybe a future meeting idea???

    • Thank you! 😀

      I’m still struggling to figure out a “schedule” of sorts as well. My right now is very, very loose, but I try to be at The Park by/around 12 each day. That gives me a good 5 hours to plug away at tasks that I need to do at my computer + the morning to work around the house or just take it easy, which I’ve found that I never did when I worked from 100%. I’d get up and start working almost immediately. Now I leave my computer on my desk until I head to The Park to start my work day. I still check emails on my phone every morning, but it’s much better than diving straight into work before I even have a chance to wake up.

      On the days I work from The park (MFW) I don’t open my computer back up once I get home (unless I have a deadline that comes through late or something along those lines). Those are my nights to enjoy time with friends or veg out on the couch. It’s been SO nice for me.

      • kristen

        Found this as well today: I think work/life is harder to separate when you have a job outside a cube!

  • Carrie Colbert

    Interesting take on working from home. I haven’t made that leap yet, but have given thought to your concerns. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Carrie! It may definitely not be that way for everyone, but definitely how my brain works when working from home – especially once I got too comfortable with it. I do better with structure, but it’s something I’ve always struggled with as a creative. Working from a co-op space works for me right now, but it’s very likely in the future I will find myself unproductive here! I think a big part of being your most productive self is not allowing yourself to be too comfortable in surroundings or to fall in routine. It, for me at least, kills my creative drive.

  • I really love those colors in your photos <333

  • I work in a co-op type area. No cubicles and we all have our own desks in an open workspace. I like it and it gives me enough human interaction to fill up my day. I admit I’m also not really a fan of other people unless I know them well and am comfortable with them.

    • Same kind of space I have! And I couldn’t agree more, it’s just enough human interaction to make me feel like I’m swimming upstream solo.

  • Love these outfit photos! So interesting, I’ve never thought of working in a space like this. I’d love to hear the update/result in a few months to see if you’re still going!

    Xx Taylor

    • Thanks Taylor! One month in (almost) and still going strong, so far so good!

  • Wow, you look stunning!

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  • I work from home, in a dedicated office. For the longest time (a couple years), I loved it. But it’s incredibly isolating, even if I’m on Skype with clients during the day. I really wish Lexington had a cool co-working space that is somewhat creative-minded like The Park. I might actually come up and work there a couple days just for a change of pace. We have a couple places where you can rent offices or desks, but none are environments that get my juices flowing. Maybe I should open one…

    • That sounds like a winning idea Em! I think you could definitely do it.

      And I know exactly what you mean, some days it’s great to work from home, but for the most part it’s incredibly isolating.

      I think there’s a place, The Plantory, in Lexington that’s similar to The Park. I was there for a meeting once, but I wasn’t a huge, huge fan. If you ever want to make the drive up to Louisville and work form here, definitely let me know! I know the team at The Park does day passes, and I can connect you with Dani who’s the office manager.

      • The Plantory is the closest thing we have here, and it’s more directed at non-profits. That being said, I know a few people who house their organizations there and I’m going to try it out for a few days in the new year to see if it helps. The Livery had desk space for a while but I think they’ve moved entirely to event space only.

        • AH that makes sense! Hope it works out for you. The Park has definitely been an asset for me.

  • An early anniversary congrats to your one-year full-time move!!!