the fresh exchange, seth godin, inspiration quotes, weekly reading, link roundup

Thursday Things: Try

the fresh exchange, seth godin, inspiration quotes, weekly reading, link roundup

It’s funny how we tend to run across things that we need to hear at the right time, right? This quote from The Fresh Exchange is no exception. Silly as it may sound I have THE hardest time spending money now that I’m a self-employed guy. I’m going to try to do things that scare me, more and more often, and my issues with money happens to be at the top of the list. Any of my self-employed friends have any tips for this they’d like to share? 

One of the biggest things I have a hard time spending money on is travel, even though it happens to be one of the things I enjoy most. Why does travel have to be so dang expensive?! Kim and Scott’s Route 66 trip has me seriously ready to empty the bank account though. Who’s with me?!

I’ve heard of eggs in a avocado, but never eggs in a potato, until Molly shared her recipe for Bonfire Eggs this week. They could work just as well in the oven and would be the perfect carb and protein loaded breakfast for those busy mornings. Sign me up. 

If you invest in one pair of jeans this season then I think it should be a pair of black ones. Why? Because they’re that versatile. Not sure how to wear them? Here’s 5 Ways

Little known fact: I really, really want to out a ranch in Southern California one day. Complete with the most studly of husbands and a white picket fence, and Molly and her egg boy’s relationship makes me want that even more so. 

When I first started traveling a lot for the blog I was terrified. Terrified of the fact that I’d almost always be traveling solo, and that I wouldn’t know anyone or where to go or what to do. But as time has went on I’ve realized that’s actually one of the things I enjoy about traveling. It’s also helped me grow into myself so much more than I ever imagined, and if you’re looking for reasons to travel more often then here’s a good place to start

True story: I love reading, but I never make enough time for it. Maybe if more of my friend’s made reading lists I’d be better at it? Thanks for giving me some books to check out Jess. You’re a hero. And don’t worry, Wild had me crying 5 pages in too. 

I’m really, really trying to watch my weight (#chubbythighs), but this Harvest Sundae recipe from Probably This isn’t helping. At. All. 

Image c/o The Fresh Exchange


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