The Kentucky Gent adds Mexico to his Thursday Things

Thursday Things: Mexico

The Kentucky Gent adds Mexico to his Thursday Things

In keeping with typical fashion this week – today’s Thursday Things is a of a different sort. The internet down here isn’t reliable (or fast) enough for me to read all of the blogs that I do every day normally, and like I said yesterday – I’m on vacation. Not 100% vacation from all things “work”, but I’m trying to take a break from some of it. Since I didn’t get to read my usual blogs and can’t share my favorite posts from the week I’m going to share my favorite things about Mexico this week (so far). 

Our resort is gorgeous, and it’s beyond huge. We asked to be moved to a closer building because the walk was a little much for my parents, and the staff kindly agreed. We’re now less than 100 feet from two of the pools. 

Which leads me to me next point – the staff down here (and everyone we’ve encountered) have been incredibly welcoming and friendly. 

The language barrier has certainly lead to some interesting conversations (or attempts at conversations), but none-the-less they’ve been great.

Even the other folks vacationing have all been incredibly easy to deal with – which was a nice surprise, but I mean who can really be salty about being down here?  

Like I said yesterday I’ve also loved falling asleep early + getting up early.

The sunsets and sunrises down here are definitely something worth waking up early for – what’s not to love about seeing the sun come up over the ocean? 

There are several pools on site – which means none of them are too crowded. I’ve never once had to wrestle someone for a chair to lay out in, and for that I’m enterally grateful. 

Staying on a large compound has its advantage though, like having 9 restaurants on site + a grocery store. We didn’t leave the resort until yesterday to run errands in town, and it has been so nice not having to worry about leaving. If you ever travel down to Mexico, I’d recommend a resort that’s set up similar. 

Wel – that’s all I can think of for right now. I’ve honestly not done much besides lay out by the pool and go for walks on the beach , which I’m more than ok with. We didn’t make it to Tulum yesterday, so we’re headed out today bright and early. Be sure to follow along on Instagram throughout the day to see some snaps! 

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