Purple Camo Spy Optic Sunglasses.

Spy Optic

Purple Camo Spy Optic Sunglasses.

I almost forgot what blue skies and “warm” weather was like, until this weekend that is. Here in Louisville the sun finally decided to shine and give us some blue skies for a couple of hours this weekend, and believe me when I say it was a sight for sore eyes.

Purple Camo Spy Optic Sunglasses.

Purple Camo Spy Optic Sunglasses. Purple Camo Spy Optic Sunglasses. Purple Camo Spy Optic Sunglasses. Purple Camo Spy Optic Sunglasses.

I’ve talked about Spy Optic and their Happy Lenses before, but today I’m back with a brand new pair and they’re in an unusual color for me, purple camo. I’ll admit whenever they pitched this pair to me I wasn’t 100% sold right off the bat, but I decided to trust them, and I’m glad I did. When you’re shopping for your next pair of shades consider Spy Optic and their Happy Lenses. Oh, and don’t be afraid to step outside your box and try a new color or two. 

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A little info on The Spy Happy Lenses:

The Spy Happy Lens is the only lens of its kind available anywhere in the world. With a patent-pending on its therapeutic qualities, the happy lens was designed to maximize the transmission of the sun’s good rays while still blocking out the bad rays. So that you can enjoy nature’s awe-inspiring beauty in ways you’ve never seen or felt before. They’re also a god send this time of year, when we could always some of the sun’s good rays. 

Photos by Andrew Dangler / Devil’s Harvest Plaid Shirt (similar here) / Levi’s Made & Crafted Denim / Converse Chuck Taylors / Spy Optic Sunglasses

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