The Kentucky Gent for Odd Red Head Skin Care

Odd Red Head Skin Care

The Kentucky Gent for Odd Red Head Skin CareI’ve been sitting on this gem for awhile now, but wanted the chance to try out all the goodies that Odd Red Head Skin Care had graciously sent me before raving about them. It was well worth the wait. After the Holidays, traveling for work, and real life stress my skin is not been my biggest fan. The made from scratch, all natural body and face scrubs from Odd Red Head Skin Care were just the medicine that my tired skin was calling out for. On top of that they’re another great Louisville business that I’m so thrilled to have the chance to work with!

The Kentucky Gent for Odd Red Head Skin Care

Java Junkie: The Caffeinated Sugar Scrub that helps reduce cellulite!  Waffle butt, hail damage, cellulite…we know the names and we hate them all. Java Junkie gives you a way to battle those dreaded bumpy bits. Caffeine from fresh coffee grinds helps flush out the fat, smoothing the muscles and toning the skin all while waking you up with that lovely fresh coffee whiff.

The Kentucky Gent for Odd Red Head Skin Care

Pucker Up: Pucker Up, Buttercup! This tart little lemon verbena scented sugar scrub will do exactly that. I’ve even added lemon essential oil to brighten your skin while lifting your spirit.

The Kentucky Gent for Odd Red Head Skin Care

Unicorn Farts: We all know they poop marshmallows, but I’m pretty sure their poofs would smell exactly like Pink Cotton Candy.  If you don’t believe me, well then….bring me a unicorn.

The Kentucky Gent for Odd Red Head Skin Care

Forget Father Time: This scrub was created for maturing skin, a gentle way to slough off dry skin cells giving your skin a healthy uniform glow all while leaving the oils on your skin to heal and moisturize.

If you’ve never tried a sugar scrub before, you’re seriously missing out. Pure Cane Sugar contains glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that helps maintain healthy skin by exfoliating and moisturizing, leaving your skin baby soft. The Odd Red Head mixes naturally occurring essential oils for it’s skin care properties and the invigorating scents. Like them on Facebook to keep up with all their happenings around Louisville!

Stylishly Yours,

The Kentucky Gent

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