The Kentucky Gent Celebrates Muhammed Ali's Birthday

Muhammad Ali

The Kentucky Gent Celebrates Muhammed Ali's Birthday

 “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” is a quote that has stuck with me since youth and up until recent years I never put a lot of thought into it, in more ways than one. The Great Ali put Louisville on the map many, many years ago. Now everywhere you look there is a marker of his legacy on the city. From the Muhammad Ali Center to Muhammad Ali Blvd. his name will live on forever in the city that he helped bring into the light. I was being interviewed last night for and was asked why I love Louisville. Aside from the obvious reasons, Bourbon and the great restaurants, it’s the sense of camaraderie that’s so present in the city. We are all SO proud of what the city is and what it’s growing into. That is what makes me love the city. We all come from incredibly different walks of life, but we’re all united by our love for the city, the culture, and the legacy of the city. Today, I’m ever grateful for the mark that he’s left on the city, and for a quote that I never quite realized what it meant until recently. As it relates to my adventures with blogging, I came in out of nowhere. No real experience in fashion besides working in retail, no formal training in the industry, and I’m just a guy from a small town that has big dreams of making it in the industry. I started quiet and slow, like a butterfly, but put my heart and soul into it, which has had results I never thought possible. In the new year I’ve already auditioned for a TV Show, joined the wardrobe team for an upcoming feature film, have 3 free lance writing jobs, and scored an interview for a major publication in Louisville; now stinging like a bee. Thank you again Muhammad for teaching a me lesson that I didn’t know I needed to learn, to be proud of my small roots and to reach for the stars.

The Kentucky Gent Celebrates Muhammed Ali's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Ali The Great.

Stylishly Yours,

The Kentucky Gent

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