man in white suit with mint julep

Mint Juleps

Master of Mixes is sponsoring today’s post, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for continuing to support the brands that support me! 

man in white suit with mint julep

Mint Juleps. Something Louisville and the Derby are both definitely known for, but also something that locals tend to loathe. It’s safe to say that we love bourbon. We love it in cocktails, and we love it by itself. What we don’t love? When the bourbon is drowned out with a super sweet syrup. Which is why most of us don’t tend to order Juleps. 

Luckily if you’re making them at home, you can easily control the amount of bourbon going in. Meaning that you can make a delicious Mint Julep that’ll rival those at some of the top bars in Louisville from the comfort of your own home. 

mint julep
master of mixes mint syrup

Plus with Master of Mixes’ Mint Syrup all you will need to create a Julep at home is bourbon, ice, and mint for garnish. Yes, you read that right. No need to craft your own simple syrup. Also that means that you could easily batch out this cocktail using their Mint Syrup. Meaning that you’ll have more time to spend enjoying your drinks and spend more time with friends and family. 

mint julep and roses
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mint julep

Mint Julep

  • Author: Josh Johnson



1 oz. Master of Mixes Mint Syrup 

3 oz. Bourbon

Crushed Ice

Mint Sprigs, garnish


Add 1 oz. Master of Mixes Mint Syrup to julep cup or double old-fashioned glass.

Fill halfway with crushed ice.

Add bourbon and stir to combine.

Fill rest of the way with ice and garnish with mint.

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