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Life Update

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When it rains, it pours. Am I right? I’ve been more than a little radio silent over the last few days (most of last week), and while things are finally starting to settle down on the home front – I’m slowly settling back into the flow of every day life vs. plowing full speed ahead. 

After a long three week battle my sister passed away last Monday, and I spent most of last week with my family, working through funeral arrangements, and planning what next steps were in regards to some family matters.

Due to a larger than average age gap (20+ years) along with some other circumstances my sister and I were never close, but I’m officially getting to the age where I realize that life’s more fleeting than I used to care to admit. 

My challenge to you this week is to learn to live in the moment and hold your loved ones closer than usual because tomorrow is never promised today. 

Keeping today short and sweet, but wanted to stop by with a life update and to break radio silence after taking some much needed time off. We will return to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow morning, bright and early.

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