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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him

last minute gift ideas for himIn typical fashion here I am a few days before Christmas and JUST now getting around to shopping. Literally swung by a local shop to pick up a gift for a white elephant party on the way TO the party. Taking procrastination to a whole new level, y’all. And if you happen to find yourself a similar situation – then you’re in luck.

Because I’ve teamed up with my friends at Meijer today to share gift ideas for arguably the hardest people in your life to shop for. Yes, that’s right. The guys in your life. So without further adieu here are a few last minute gifts for him that’ll delight and surprise all the guys in your life. Majority of guys (myself included) don’t love shopping for the necessities. Like underwear, socks, and grooming products. It’s more fun to buy things like video games or a bottle of nice bourbon. I get it.

Which is why Christmas is the perfect time to load your dudes up with the best grooming products. The beauty and grooming section at Meijer is full of top-notch brands like Cremo, Bulldog, and old favorites like AXE and Old Spice. Meaning they’ve got a little something for every guy on your list. Even the most picky of them all! Maybe he’s letting that No Shave November beard stick around a little longer? Load him up with a good exfoliator, beard & scruff cream, and beard oil. In other words, no matter his needs/wants Meijer has got you covered! So while you’re out finishing up your Christmas shopping be sure to swing by and pick up these last minute gifts for him

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