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Posted: July 14, 2015 by The Kentucky Gent

hsn, home shopping network, hp, collectively, sponsored

HP has definitely stepped it up over the last couple of years, and their about to outdo themselves once again. They’ve teamed up with HSN to release a special edition of their Pavilion 17″ laptop, available only on HSN, that comes preloaded with the completely redesigned Windows 10. 

Being a kid that grew up on Windows I’m so glad to see that the overhauled operating system is going back its roots with the reintroduced start menu while reinventing the Windows experience with new technologies that will allow for multiple Desktops to be open – making keep work + personal tasks separate a lot easier, which is always a win, win for me. It’s never easy to carry around two computers, and with this update that’s no longer even an issue! 

Fun fact: HSN offers Flex Pay, which allows customers the ability to break the laptop price into several payments. What’s even better is that an HSN credit card isn’t required, you can do it with your own card. It’s like layaway, but better because they shop the product right away! So, what are you waiting for? 

hsn, home shopping network, hp, collectively, sponsored hsn, home shopping network, hp, collectively, sponsored

Photography by Chelcey Tate

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