Wood Underwear

The Kentucky Gent in Wood Underwear.

What kind of underwear do you wear?

The Kentucky Gent in Wood Underwear. The Kentucky Gent in Wood Underwear. The Kentucky Gent in Wood Underwear. The Kentucky Gent in Wood Underwear. The Kentucky Gent in Wood Underwear.
It’s a question that as a gay man I’ve fielded more times than I can count. Somehow it always makes it way into conversation when you’re seeing a new guy, or God forbid you’re killing time on Grindr. But up until now it’s something that I’ve never talked about on the blog, and actually got an e-mail about that very thing a few weeks back. Admittedly I was hesitant to post about underwear, let alone me in my underwear, but after thinking it through in my head I thought it would be a fun way to give you a glimpse into the guy behind the blog.

Won’t lie I’m actually not a underwear kind of guy. I find them generally very uncomfortable, and it’s the last thing I’d lounge around my apartment in; until now. Wood Underwear makes some damn comfy undies, and for me to say that is saying a lot. If you’re in the market for new underwear and feel like trying something new, I’d definitely recommend them. I’ve included some of my favorites below for you to shop through.

This post is more so about real life me than about underwear. This is the day to day me, fresh out of the shower. Wet hair and everything. Here’s a look into what a day looks like for me. I start with a shower and coffee, in no particular order, then play with my roommate’s fun loving pup before I start my day. When starting this blog I planned on keeping my personal life separate from these posts, but now it’s becoming a huge part of my life and I wanted to give you an idea of what life is like when I’m not performing Gent duties. So here’s to me getting cheeky with you for the very first time, pun intended.

Stylishly and Comfortably Yours,

Josh Johnson

The Kentucky Gent


  • TudoFashion June 17, 2014 at 9:29 AM

    I’m loving your blog and your posts are awesome!
    Enjoyed this post on Advertorials your underwear. I think many bloggers Men should do the same.
    I wish you much success and if you can, give it a little jump on my blog and give your opinion about it.
    A big hug!


  • samuelwthomas June 20, 2014 at 11:04 AM

    Finally! A blog about underwear that isn’t tacky or sex related. Tastefully shot. I adore your blog.

    • The Kentucky Gent June 20, 2014 at 6:49 PM

      Thanks a ton Sam! I really appreciate that. I was nervous how to approach the post without it coming out sexual, so I’m glad I was able to do that.


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