Visit Mexico on The Kentucky Gent

Visit Mexico

by Josh Johnson

 Visit Mexico on The Kentucky Gent Now that I’m officially home from what turned into a two-day return trip to the States I’m going to share the remainder of my photos from my time in Mexico, as well as recap the trip with things that I loved and what I’d do differently next time. In other words consider this a follow up to last week’s post, and let it serve to reinforce my stance on wanderlust

To be 100% honest I was more than a bit hesitant about traveling to Mexico. I love traveling, and when given the chance to travel internationally I always do my best to hop right on it. But this trip was the first time I was A) heading to a non-English speaking country and B) visiting a third-world country. The combination of the two of these things made me more than a bit apprehensive, but I decided to bit the bullet and go for it – which I’m incredibly glad that I did. 

Now that my trip is at a close I can stay if given the opportunity to visit Mexico, you should take it. It’s a gorgeous place for all the obvious reasons (white sands, turquoise water, and bright sun), and for many other reasons as well. Those reasons will become incredibly obvious to anyone that chooses to visit Mexico, and if you’ve already visited I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

When you visit Mexico here are some things to keep in mind. 

  • Stay near/on a beach, with water access. Our hotel was perched on the water, but it was a good 10 minute walk from the rooms to the beach. 
  • Take a day (or two) to visit the ruins nearest your location. I said it in an earlier post, but I promise you’ll want you to. Start early and bring lots of water. 
  • Step outside your comfort zone. The locals are some of the most friendly I’ve encountered on any trip. 

Even though I loved my trip there were a couple of things I’ll do differently next time I visit Mexico. 

  • First off, I will not stay at a massive resort. It sounds nice on paper, but it seriously spoils the experience. The first room we checked into was a good 10-15 minute walk to the pool and beach – which at first isn’t bad, but after a couple of days it got old.
  • Secondly, I will plan out my days somewhat before heading south of the border. 
  • Otherwise there’s not a lot else I’d do differently. Except for staying at kid-free hotel. Nothing against the kiddos, but when I’m trying to lay by the pool and unwind the last thing I want to hear is two of them bickering or splashing me with water. 

How about y’all? Any tips for traveling internationally that you’d like to share? Sound off in the comments below because I have a feeling I may be giving into wanderlust again sooner rather than later. 

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  • Chiara

    Looks amazing! Great pics…

  • Super nice photos of MEHICOOOO .
    cool post man

    New look on the blog: RAW SOLDIER

    Greets Jon

  • Andres Poiche

    We love Mexico

    Dont forget visit my blog please

  • I’m dying to go on a tropical vacation so I’m going to have to pick your brain when I see you in June! Looks like you had a blast though!

    xo Jessica

    • Tropical vacations are definitely the way to go! I’m all ears in June.

  • Sarah Shely

    Love all your pictures from the blog and Instagram! It makes me wish for warmer temps rather than this cool week we are having here in KY.


    • Thanks Sarah! Thank god we’ve got the warm temps in the bluegrass now.

  • Tailored and true

    Gorgeous photos! I would love to take a vacation to Mexico – and I’m totally on the same page as you with a kid’s free resort haha

    • If you get the chance, do it! And yes – definitely no kids haha.

  • Love the photos. Can’t wait until I’m there again in July. I agree with the kiddo-free resort. Nothing against them, but if there are child-free alternatives, I’d rather go that route when on a vacay. Also, I totally hear you on resort size. The last one I was at down there wasn’t that big (Secrets Capri), and we could get to the beach in about 5 minutes from the room. I’m not sure how much bigger the one I’m booked at for July is (Secrets Silversands) but I’ll make sure to ask for a close room to the beach.
    When I visited the ruins, I made the mistake of having a snow cone. It was blazing hot and I wanted to cool down. It said it was made with bottled water, but the next day I had Montezuma’s revenge. It was the only thing off-resort that I had, so I’m narrowing it down to that. So glad you didn’t have that experience – blech!

    • Can’t wait to see your photos in July!

      Kiddos-free is definitely the way to go, especially on vacation. We stayed at Vidanta Riviera Maya, which had 5 properties on site, 5 pools, and 3 beaches. The place was HUGE. I’m definitely want to go to a smaller one next time I visit. As far as the snow cone goes.. I was all good until airport day, SO I must have come into contact with something that I ate/drank in the airport. My stomach is still not my biggest fan!

  • The Desert Rat

    I love to travel, including 3rd world countries. Though I travel alone, I go on small group tours. Sure, your are alone, but I’ve always been welcomed and had an awesome time. You will love or hate a group tour, but I love them. My dream, to see the world.!

  • The Desert Rat

    Your next trip should be Costa Rica! Amazing!

  • Alis are u?

    Love your style!

    Alice Cerea,


    Join this new blogger network, I’m waiting for you!

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  • illuminata

    Gorgeous pictures and Mexico is so beautiful!! I do have to say that Mexico isn’t a third world country. I’ve been to Guadalajara and there’s nothing third world about it.

    • There are definitely areas in Mexico that are though. Especially the areas that aren’t tourist destinations and haven’t been developed.

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