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Thursday Things:
Decorating Tips

thursday things, decorating tips, how to, wandeleurYesterday I talked about some things that I don’t have in common with other homosexuals, and while decorating prowess wasn’t on that original list after seeing a list of decorating tips + room inspiration c/o Wandeleur I was starkly reminded that I just don’t have the eye. I can definitely appreciate it, love, love, love a good home interior project, and strictly watching HGTV I’m just not blessed with the skills to make a room look good naturally. If any of you had been to my house, you’d understand exactly what I mean, #FratBoyChicButNotAFratBoy. Orlando, if you’re reading this.. I’m waiting for you. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again Blair (from The Fox and She, Wandeleur, and Blog Better By Leap) is a serious powerhouse. She does it all, and still has time to share some of her tips on being a boss with the rest of us: her latest post about how much to charge for sponsored posts for instance. If you’re new to blogging, or new to charging for services it’s definitely something you’ll want to check out. 

This week.. has been a challenge. I’m not going to lie. I went on a date Tuesday night, and damn he was one of the hottest guys I’ve ever went out with. But I’ve never left a date feeling more uncomfortable. He seriously made my skin crawl a little, and the reasons behind it are not blog appropriate, but it’s seriously made me re-consider my stance on online dating. If you’re still considering testing the online dating world, i.e. Tinder, then Style Girlfriend has some tips to help navigating the waters a little easier. 

Until I find someone to date, seriously or casually, I’ll instead focus my attentions on chocolate. Thanks to Beau, from Probably Baking, my waist line can continue to grow, which hopefully will help fend off creeps. Even though people did seem to a fan of my ass on Instagram yesterday. 

And of course to counteract all the chocolate I’m about to indulge on I’ll be sticking to salads for a couple of weeks, especially since I’m about to be on the beach again at the end of the month. At least west elm’s recipe for Green Couscous and Pistachio Salad will make eating a salad at little easier to stomach. 

Still looking for Father’s Day gifts? Well I shared a few in my last Saturday Shop post, and the folks at Yellow Brick Home shared a much more delicious Father’s Day gift idea over on their blog this week. 

I love a good pair of distressed denim. Always have, always will. But you seriously don’t see a ton of them on the market anymore, especially for the guys. Luckily Song of Style shared her tips on DIY Distressed Denim Jeans this week, and I know what I’m doing to some old jeans this weekend. 

Chelcey made a great point this week in her post appropriately titled “Refresh & Refocus” about taking a break, and that’s exactly what I’m doing this weekend. I’m taking a trip to Chicago that’s completely NOT work related to hang out with some friends and get away for a bit (that Tinder date was seriously THAT bad.)

Speaking of travel, The Fresh Exchange crew shared their Big Sur Travel Tips this week on their blog, and I’m seriously itching to head out to the best coast for a weekend road trip. Now.. who wants to sponsor that post? I’m all ears

Did y’all see Beyoncé’s big news this week? No? Okay – well don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. It was just her announcing that she’s vegan, BUT I thought she’d been vegan for awhile? Where you been America. 

In other music related news: if you haven’t heard Miley’s new song you’re SERIOUSLY missing out. It’s so, so good, and I’m honestly not the biggest fan of her (generally). 

Want to know how to be a good friend as well as know when it’s time to cut ties on those not so good friendships? Yeah, so did I, and Wandeleur (as usual) was there to lend a helping hand. 

Man Repeller always, always hits the nail on the head, and their piece about humble bragging serious had me slow clapping. 

Like I said earlier, I’m headed to Chicago around noon on Friday, right after Creative Mornings (where my Tinder date gone wrong will be also be, woofuckinghoo) of course, and y’all should tag along with me on Instagram and SnapChat (@TheKentuckyGent) over the weekend. If you’re in the ChiTown area, let’s get drinks! Or coffee. But after the week I’ve had I’d probably be better company after a drink (or four). 

OH P.S. be sure to tune back in at 11 a.m. for an announcement a seriously good sale with my friends over at HauteLook + Nordstrom Rack

Image c/o Wandeleur


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