Thursday Things:
Spring 2016 Trends


Since I’m headed to to #NYFWM in just a few days I figured I’d dedicate this Thursday Things to the Spring 2016 Trends that walked down the runways last month during the Men’s Collections in Europe, but not to worry – after this quick blurb about men’s fashion we’re back to our regularly scheduled Thursday programming. Fun fact: this is the inaugural Men’s Fashion Week in NYC, and for that reason I’m incredibly excited/interested to see how everything plays out. As far as what I’m expecting to see on the runways in NYC – I’d reckon to say lots of black + white (can’t wait to see the Public School NYC Presentation), printed short suits c/o Perry Ellis, and quite the spectacle from Thom Browne. Which is just a clue to what my schedule for the week looks like, and what shows I’m most excited about seeing. I’ll be posting recaps every night of my favorite shows, so keep an eye out, or sign up to be notified whenever the new posts go live. Until then head over to to read about the 10 key trends they’ve got their eyes on. 

I still remember my first time at Fashion Week, which is why Man Repeller’s “Blog is a Dirty Word” post resonated with me so much. My first time at the shows was honestly a few weeks after beginning this blog, no joke, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. One thing I did know (or was being told though) was that everyone hated bloggers, and while I’ve learned to know that that isn’t 100% true – it does some hold some weight, especially during Fashion Weeks. 

Another thing I’ve learned from traveling to Fashion Week is the need to have a capsule wardrobe, and this actually translates through to packing for any trip. Plan out what you’re going to wear every single day, and if you plan on changing outfits a couple of times a day – consider wearing transitional pieces that you can dress down during the day and then throw on a jacket or blazer for that night. 

Speaking of travels, I really want to go back to Charleston, especially after this Charleston Cocktail Crawl that I ran across the other day. 

Until then I’ll have to drown my sorrows in these 15 Pretty Popsicles Recipes from Gimme Some Oven, and I say drown because a few of them are boozy popsicles – win, win. 

Check out Blueberry Infused Cocktails to try This Summer

by Josh | The Kentucky Gent at Mode

Going to be real for a minute here, and say that I’m seriously considering buying a house in Louisville and flipping it – all for the sake of this blog. That, and because I watch too much HGTV and read west elm’s blog too much. Currently seeking tall, dark, handsome type husband to take this on with me, if interested please leave a comment below. 

I love wearing white sneakers, but I’m accident prone – which means they never last that long. Because of that I’m thanking the gods for Aaron’s post on How To Clean White Sneakers

Also thanking the gods for the boys at The Bitten Word for sharing this Blueberry-Caramel Skillet Cobbler that I’ll definitely be baking once it cools off a bit. 

Seeing The Fresh Exchange’s studio space finally come to life makes me want to spend a little more time on making my “home office” feel like an office rather than just a desk with pills and pills of stuff on it. 

Looking for some tips on how to be a profesh blogger? Then you’re in luck because Thom laid out some seriously killer advice on how to take your blogging game to the next level that y’all need to check out. I couldn’t of said half of what he said better myself, seriously.

Last but not least, packing for #NYFWM has officially begun! I’ll be doing a special edition Saturday Shop with what I’m packing + what I think you should pack for a successful Fashion Week Experience. 

Also, y’all know the drill by now. Follow all my #NYFWM adventures on Instagram, and if you’re not following me on SnapChat (@TheKentuckyGent) now is a great time cause I’ll be streaming the shows + presentations on there the whole week!

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AND don’t forget! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale has officially started for all Nordstrom card holders. What makes this sale different you might ask? All items that are on sale are actually NEW items, not last season’s merchandise. If you’re not a card holder, the sale doesn’t officially begin until July 17th, but you can still sign up for a card! Not a fan of store credit cards? Yeah, me either. Sign up for their debit card option instead, it links and withdraws directly from your bank account.

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