The Kentucky Gent in Andrew Marc Leather Jacket, WeSC Plaid Shirt, WeSC Eddy Jeans, 21Men Puffer Vest, Steve Madden Boots, and 21Men Beanie.

How To Dress For Your First Snow

Leather Jacket // Andrew Marc, Plaid Shirt // WeSC, Puffer Vest //21Men, Jeans // WeSC, Boots // Steve Madden, Beanie // 21Men If you’re like me you’re not one to give up your leather jacket, even when the temperature dips below freezing. Leather jackets are great for looks, but aren’t…

The Kentucky Gent's November Outfit Roundup featuring KR3W, Kill City, WeSC, Steve Madden, DFYNT and more

November Looks

  Rounding up all the looks from this month. Can’t believe how fast Fall flew by, and that I’m entering my 4th month of writing for The Kentucky Gent. It’s had it’s up and downs, but I’m very hopeful for the future of the blog. So keep tagging along! As…

The Kentucky Gent in Evolution Stops Here Battle Louisville Tank Top, WeSC Eddy Jeans, Steve Madden Troopah Boots, 21Men Plaid Shirt, and Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Evolution Stops Here x Battle Louisville

I was lucky enough to be able to team up with long time friend and designer behind Evolution Stops Here for today’s post. I’ve worked with the brand for many years, but always behind the scenes, so it was different to step in front of the camera for the “Battle…

Black And White

Drawing some inspiration from fellow blogger, Pelayo Diaz from katelovesme, for today’s look. Pelayo is a men’s style blogger based in London, he’s a definite breath of fresh air for me. I can only see so many suit and tie looks from the men’s blogosphere before I feel like I’m…

The Kentucky Gent in The Joey WeSC Plaid Shirt, Topman Jeans, Kenneth Cole Detailed Oriented Zipper Boots, and Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Orange Ya Plaid

Plaid is all over the board this time of year, and it’s a definite go to for me. You’ve already seen me in two plaid shirts this week, and they were each styled incredibly different. That’s the beauty of these guys they’re incredible versatile, and each shirt is at least…

The Kentucky Gent in WeSC Digital Leopard Print Sweatshirt, WeSC Eddy Jeans, J Shoes, and Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Going Digital

Something that was originally reserved for women’s outerwear pieces or party dresses is making a foray into the men’s divisions. From leopard print bow ties to button down shirts it’s obvious that the print is here to stay for awhile. To keep from looking like any of our friends from…

The 90’s Called

So – I’ll admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole “tying a plaid shirt around your waist” look at first. But before I knew it, it was popping up everywhere. From girls with daisy dukes to guys with their joggers. This sweatshirt is a great example of why…

The Kentucky Gent in Ray-Ban Wayfarers, KR3W Long Sleeve Shirt, Kill City Leopard Print Denim Vest, WESC Jeans, Bed Stu Boots

Style Blue Print

YAWN – this week has been soo long. Work’s been crazy; holiday in the retail world is in full swing over at Street Moda. On top of that I’ve started running again, I used to run about 5 miles a day and would run in races about every other month,…

The Kentucky Gent in Obey Woven, Andrew Marc Leather Jacket, WESC Jeans, and J Shoes Boots

Back To Black And Navy

Whomever said that you can’t wear black with brown, must have been the same small minded person that was behind the no black with navy rule. We’ve seen black all over the runways this season, so start stocking up, but maybe you’re running low on black on black options. Well…..

The Kentucky Gent in Zara Blazer, KR3W Button Up, WESC Jeans, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and Steve Madden Troopah2 Boots

Private School Blues

I’ve never been a big fan of dressing up, probably due to the years I spent in private school wearing ill-fitting khakis and polo shirts, but as the years have rolled on I have developed a fondness for a good blazer. They’re a sure fire way to spice up an…

Sweater Weather

Well.. you can definitely tell Fall is here to stay now. There is frost on the windows every morning, and all the side streets in Louisville are filled with fallen leaves; I’m not complaining though. It makes a great backdrop for shooting layered looks 😉 like today’s sweater from Comune….