The Kentucky Gent's picks for Men's 2014 Spring/Summer Swimwear

Spring/Summer 2014 Swimwear

With February coming to a close, my mind is starting to drift to warm sands, the water, and how I’m going to get a beach body in time for my trip to Florida in May. As well as what swim suit I’m going to lay by the pool in this year. By this point the men’s swimwear arena has seen it all, from board shorts to speedos and everything in between. Looks like this year we’re going to see short suits and lots of prints, which I’m not complaining about. I’m so glad to see the long, ill fitting board shorts to take the back burner. I’ll do a quick run through of the 4 most popular styles from this year’s collection, focusing on styles from 2(x)ist.


Being 6’4, everything looks a little shorter on me than the average guy, but that’s never kept me from giving my legs some time in the spot light. It certainly has gained me a few odd ball stars at the pools, especially when I’m in my home state of Kentucky. We’re growing up, but somethings are still a little too progressive for my home state. 2(x)ist gave us several options this year for those wanted to show off some leg, from their barely there swim briefs to their swim trunks with a little more coverage. Both styles come in a wide arrangement of colors and prints sure to keep you styling all season long.

The Kentucky Gent's picks for Men's 2014 Spring/Summer Swimwear

Classic Swim Shorts/Mid-Length Shorts

For those out there that still aren’t willing to embrace the short of it all, 2(x)ist has you and your thighs covered. Trick to keeping a longer shorter fashionable is to make sure they’re still cut slim, this keeps them from flaring out at the knee and creating a bro like ambience that’s sure to attract all those GTLer’s that are still out there. Their classic swim shorts again come in a wide array of colors and patterns, as do their slightly longer counterparts the mid-length shorts.

The Kentucky Gent's picks for Men's 2014 Spring/Summer Swimwear

I couldn’t be more excited about shedding a few winter pounds and hitting the beach right about now, especially when I’m sitting here in a sweater typing this! Granted, I won’t look like these guys no matter how flattering the swimwear may be. But that’s another post, for another day, which I’m actually working on. Being gay in Adonis society? It’s harder than you may think. Which styles are you going to be hitting the beach in this season?

Stylishly Yours,

Josh Johnson

The Kentucky Gent


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