Sunday’s Best


I’ve been dying to break these new JD Fisk shoes in, and today was the day! I’ve paired them with a pair of dark jeans and a patterned button down in this outfit. The result? A perfect casual look for your Sunday plans on a gorgeous Fall day. I’ve kept it casual with the jeans, the button down shirt dresses the look up a little, and the shoes add that bit of flair that every outfit needs.

rayban-wayfarers-topman-aztec-print-button-down-shirt-topman-jeans-jd-fisk-valdez rayban-wayfarers-topman-aztec-print-button-down-shirt-topman-camo-jeans-jd-fisk rayban-wayfarers-jd-fisk-valdez-topman-button-down-aztec-print-shirt-topman-camo-jeans topman-button-down-aztec-print-shirt-topman-camo-jeans-jd-fisk-valdez-rayban-wayfarersjd-fisk-valdez-rayban-wayfarers-topman-camo-jeans-topman-aztec-print-button-down-shirt topman-button-down-shirt-aztec-print-shirt-topman-camo-jeans-jd-fisk-valdez topman-camo-jeans-jd-fisk-valdez jd-fisk-valdez-rayban-wayfarers-topman-button-down-shirt-aztec-print-topman-camo-jeans topman-camo-jeans-jd-fisk-valdez-topman-button-down-shirt-aztec-print-blue-v-neck-bdg-t-shirt rayban-wayfarers-topman-aztec-print-button-down-shirt-topman-camo-jeans

Wayfarers – Ray-Ban, V-Neck T-Shirt – BDG, Patterned Button Down Shirt – Topman (similar here), Jeans – Topman (similar here), Shoes – Valdez by JD Fisk

Few reasons why I think these shoes are the perfect pick for Fall? Well.. I mean I can’t help but compare them to the falling leaves of the season. Secondly, they’re the perfect color palette for the any look you’re pulling together this Fall. Lastly the fresh take on the classic dress shoe silhouette by way of the color blocks on the upper and the colored sole can easily spice up any guy’s closet.

Also – I can see why so many other bloggers are always wearing sunglasses in their posts. It’s a ton easier when you’re not having to worry about blinking or having a stank eye in a photo.

-The Kentucky Gent

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