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Compensation for this post was provided by BIC via Mode Media, but as always all thoughts and opinions herein are my own.

BIC Smooth Up Campaign via Mode MediaThree weeks and counting until my trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico, and I couldn’t be more excited. But to be honest – I’ve got a lot to do before I head out. Fitting into swimwear and looking good with my shirt off is at the top of that list, but I’ll save that for a post at a later date. Instead I’ll focus on something a little easier to achieve, like how to smooth up with a BIC Flex 5 razor.

I’m a big fan of having facial hair, both on myself and on other fellas, but there’s a big difference between having facial hair and throwing in the towel. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve definitely let my facial hair call the shots on more than one occasion, so I’m not judging. It definitely happens to all of us. Now that the temperatures are rising it’s time to take control of the reigns again, and thanks to the BIC Flex 5 razor that’s easier than ever.

The clean-shaven look definitely isn’t for me. I don’t have a well-defined jawline, and I suffer from a serious case of baby face. I’ve often used all of the above as an excuse to not shave, or even trim up my facial hair. But luckily for me (and for you) I’ve now seen the error of my ways – because there’s definitely nothing sexy about random neck hairs. If you’re in the same boat as me, lather up from your Adam’s apple down to your collarbones to focus on helping define that jawline. Before lathering up take a minute to see which direction your hair is growing, take note of that, and remember to always shave WITH the grain of your hair to avoid razor burn or irritation.

Besides helping me #SmoothUp before my trip to Mexico, the BIC Flex 5 razor is a godsend when it comes to grooming while on the road. Because even though it’s a disposable razor, it still provides a great, incredibly close shave, and if you happen to leave it in your hotel (like I did on my last trip) buying a new one won’t break the bank.

BIC Smooth Up Campaign via Mode Media BIC Smooth Up Campaign via Mode Media  BIC Smooth Up Campaign via Mode Media BIC Smooth Up Campaign via Mode Media 

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BIC Smooth Up Campaign via Mode Media

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