Plaid With A Twist

american-apparel-v-neck-t-shirt-color-fast-plaid-shirt-levis-jeans color-fast-plaid-american-apparel-t-shirt-levis-jeans color-fast-plaid-shirt-american-apparel-v-neck-t-shirt-levis-jeans-converse-chucksamerican-apparel-shirt-color-fast-plaid-levis-jeans american-apparel-t-shirt-color-fast-plaid-shirt-levis-jeans black-black-converse-chuck-taylors-chucks aztec-print-hat-forever-21-american-apparel-t-shirt-color-fast-plaid-shirt-levis-jeans aztec-print-hat-forever-21-american-apparel-v-neck-t-shirt-color-fast-plaid-shirt-levis-jeans aztec-print-hat-forever-21-american-apparel-v-neck-t-shirt-color-fast-plaid-shirt-levis-jeans-chucks-converse

Hat – 21Men, Plaid Shirt – Colorfast, See Thru V-Neck – American Apparel, Jeans – Levi’s, Chucks – Converse

So.. I’m in LOVE with this plaid shirt. I saw it in a showroom on my last buying trip to New York, and I was lucky enough to find it in the mail a few months later! I’ve been dying to throw a look together with it, and this weekend was the perfect weather for it. (I changed it up a little before heading out to the bars later that night, so be on the look out for that look shortly.)

I love the pairing of the see thru shirt with the revamped style of this plaid shirt. It puts a fresh twist on a classic look. Guys have been wearing v-neck t-shirts with their plaid shirts for years, but part of the fun is putting your own touch on signature looks. I’m very happy with the result here, hope you are as well!

-The Kentucky Gent


  • ronan October 7, 2013 at 6:53 AM

    very cool style, love the checked/plaid jacket, it suits you a lot!

    by the way, you should join our giveaway for free orlebar brown shorts!


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