The Kentucky Gent's Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide


If you’re like me you’re reading this and saying “Oh Shit” Christmas Eve is tomorrow, and you haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. Well don’t worry, I’m here to help! Here’s a quick and easy guide to last minute gifts for all the guys in your life. You’ll be able to pick up all of these in your local stores around town. So get your butts moving this morning before it’s too late!

1. Netflix: Pretty self explanatory here. This one is a non brainer especially for couples or married folks. You share the same bank accounts and live at the same address, plus you’ll get to use Netflix to catch up on all the series that you’ve seen everyone raving about on Twitter, like Scandal or Arrow.

2. mophie Juice Pack Air: If your guy travels for work like I do, this will be a lifesaver for him. Keeps his phone charged even if he’s not able to find an outlet.

3. iPhone Case: You don’t have an iPhone? Well I feel sorry for you, but you can still use this idea too. This makes a great stocking stuffer. Not sure what color to get? Opt for black.

4. Apple TV: So you bought him Netflix? Get him Apple TV so he can stream it to the TV. You’ll also be able to enjoy HBO GO so you never have to miss another episode of Girls or True Blood again!

5. Nike+ FuelBand SE: Help him actually keep his New Years resolution of staying in shape with this Nike+ FuelBand. It’ll track his ever move and let him know when he’s reached his goal for the day.

6. iTunes Gift Card: You can never have too many iTunes gift cards laying around. Especially when surprise CDs dropped out of nowhere, and you can ONLY buy it on iTunes i.e., Beyoncé.

7. Starbucks Travel Mug: Any traveling man’s day would be made ten times better if they had a travel mug to take with them on the road when they head into the office.

8. Starbucks Gift Card: You’re already picking up a mug from there, why not give me them a midday pick me up and grab a gift card too. I love spoiling myself and making a trip to the coffee shop in the middle of the day, or on Friday nights. It’s even more special when someone else gives you this chance.

9. Leather Gloves: Keep him stylish and warm in a pair of leather gloves like these from H&M.

10. Tube Scarf: Another gift to help keep him stylish and warm. This is something he’d probably never buy for himself, so it makes a perfect gift.

I hope you all have a great Holiday season, and that this guide helps make your Christmas Eve Eve shopping a little easier 😉

Happy Holidays

– The Kentucky Gent

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