The Kentucky Gent with Capsule Parfums.

Capsule Parfums

The Kentucky Gent with Capsule Parfums.

URBANE is a bright, citrus cocktail inspired by the vibrant energy of urban life. Casual and cool. A fresh, refined unisex scent.

Notes: frosted bergamot, mandarin, tarocco blood orange, night phlox, wallflowers, honey, cream, tonka beans, earthy oakmoss

The Kentucky Gent with Capsule Parfums.

POLIS is a floral musk ozonic fragrance for work and play. It’s a wondrous scent for escaping the city hustle. Fresh and serene. A dreamy, mindscape scent suitable for women and men.

Notes: sparkling calone, riviera mimosa, sea lily, vetiver moss, feathery paper blooms, cotton, daydreams, moonbeams, white clouds, sheer musk

The Kentucky Gent with Capsule Parfums.

MOTO is dark fruity floral inspired by renegades and badass babes. It’s a scent with street-smarts. Rebellious and tough. A fragrance equally dangerous on women and men.

Notes: black plum, sun-drenched blackberries, lush black dahlia, vanilla incense, smoke, leather glam, midnight oil, tar resin

The Kentucky Gent with Capsule Parfums.

JAUNT is a sweet, woodsy fragrance inspired by a journey at the crossroads of self-discovery. It’s quietly intuitive and hauntingly liberating. Moody and soulful. A subjective scent for both sexes.

Notes: black vanilla pods, silken rose, orchid flora, ylang ylang, sweetgrass, leafy tobacco, atlas cedarwood, tamboti wood

The Kentucky Gent with Capsule Parfums.

BYWAY is a sweet fragrance inspired by one unforgettable lap dance. Playful and alluring, it’s a captivating balance of innocence and temptation. Persuasive. Charming. A crowd-pleaser for anyone who likes sweet gourmand scents.

Notes: crystal spun sugar, virgin roses, lilac-laced cotton candy, twilight jasmine, amber-hued petals, golden patchouli, amaranth wood, vamp essence

The Kentucky Gent with Capsule Parfums.

Fact: I very seldom wear cologne or any kind of scent. Mostly for me I think they’re too strong and they almost smell too manufactured for my taste. Well, that’s how I felt until Capsule Parfums reached out to me about sampling some of their scents. The great thing about this company? All their scents are unisex. Besides that they all smell incredibly natural. From woodsy, to floral, to citrus and everything in between they’ve got all scent pallets covered. My absolute favorite? Urbane – it’s fresh smelling and not overpowering, but the scent stays with you all day long. If you’re looking for a new scent, look them up, I promise you won’t be disappointed. They even have a sampler pack so you can try out several scents before picking out your favorite/favorites.

But first, here’s a little background on them – “Capsule Parfums is an independent collective practicing art in the visceral realm of olfactory expression. In other words, we’re a small fragrance house with a passion for making killer scents. We produce fragrances that are contemporary and progressive, created in collaboration with some of the finest talent in modern perfumery. The company was formed with an idea for creating well-edited, mix-and-match fragrances (capsule collections), each designed as a limited series. Hailing from Los Angeles, our style directive finds inspiration from fashion, beauty and street culture.”

Stylishly Yours,

Josh Johnson

The Kentucky Gent


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