ginger and lime milk chocolate

Dagoba Chocolate

by Josh Johnson

I’m sharing DAGOBA in my life as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars.  We all know that it’s next to impossible to make a Target run and not find one or two (maybe twelve things) that you didn’t know you needed. On my latest run to Target that find looked a lot like nabbing the entire selection of DAGOBA chocolate bars. I mean, it is the holidays after all, and what I don’t end up eating/using in a recipe will make for the perfect gift. Right? Anyways, I’ve managed to sample essentially every one – like Picante Chocolate, Extra Dark, and Ginger Lime. But hands down my favorite has to be Raspberry Mint. The mint and raspberry really helps to mellow out the sweetness of the white chocolate in the perfect way. Already thinking of a few ways to each of the above in a recipe (or two) that’ll be coming to the blog later this month. Most excited about huge dark chocolate chunks in my chocolate chip cookies though. That’ll be topped with a generous helping of flaky sea salt and maybe some pretzels. Kitchen sink cookies anyone?! Mother is watering just thinking about how delicious AND addicting…

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Explore The City

Seeing as this was my first time visiting New Orleans I wanted to make sure I was in the heart of the action. Royal Sonesta Hotel was the perfect home base for that exact reason. It’s perfectly located in the heart of the French Quarter. Making it the perfect place to start and finish my days spent exploring the city. The hotel is conveniently perched on one of the busiest corners of Bourbon Street. It also comes complete with just about everything you need for a visit to NOLA. Like the world-class jazz club, The Jazz Playhouse, complete with craft cocktails and delicious appetizers. While there’s plenty to see in the areas of the French Quarter and surrounding streets I was most excited about learning more about the history of the city. So I set off on two separate tours of the surrounding, older neighborhood. First on my list was a tour of the Garden District with Sheila from Architecture Tours of New Orleans. We spent about 2 hours exploring not only the Garden District but a cemetery. The Lafayette Cemetery to be exact. And the first cemetery I explored in NOLA. And to be honest, that was one of…

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chili hash browns topped with egg

Sunny Side

Confession time. My grandma would roll over in her grave if she read this, but I’ve never mastered the art of a sunny side up egg until now. I know, I know. I’m a failed Southerner through and through. Which is why I’m excited to have teamed up with Made In Cookware today to redeem myself with their AMAZING non-stick fry pan. Y’all, I’m not usually one for a non-stick pan, but adding this one to my cookware arsenal was one of my wisest decisions to date. The quality is top notch. Nothing stuck to the bottom, at all. I was even able to wipe the bottom of the pan clean with a paper towel after I accidentally broke a yolk in the pan. No mess. No fuss. Nothing. So what’s not to love? Now I’m able to whip up sunny side eggs just like my grandma did for years. Still miss her cooking to this day if we’re being honest, but more than happy to carry on the torch with my Made In Cookware fry pans. So why did it take me 27 years to master the art of properly frying an egg? Well, not investing in quality cookware is the main…

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kentucky style blogger

Champion Life

Well, just when I thought winter weather was here to stay – Mother Nature went and proved me wrong. You know what they say about Kentucky weather. No? Well, it’s about as fickle as me when it comes to deciding where to grab dinner. Meaning it changes it mind at least twice a day. But I’ll enjoy it while I can. Today was 60 and sunny meaning it was perfect hoodie weather. Took the occasion to break in this new hoodie from Champion. It was the perfect layer to begin the day with under a light jacket, and then kept me looking my best for the rest of my day. Like running from a morning shoot (yes, I actually got up early) to the ground breaking ceremony for TWO new hotels coming to Louisville. People often ask why I’m still in Louisville, and days like today remind me why I am. It’s incredibly exciting to see the progress our city has made over the years and continues to make every day. Today we broke ground for easily one of the biggest hotel projects our city has seen. Marriott International is bringing both Hotel Distil (part of their Autograph Collection) and a…

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loa bar menu new orleans

Where to Eat in New Orleans

Guys, I can’t believe it has taken me this long to visit NOLA – especially with as much as I LOVE food. I am happy to report that I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. The only disappointment I do have? That I didn’t have enough time to try the exhaustive list of restaurants that caught my eye. Which means I’ll just have to make another trip back down to knock a few more off my list. Who’s with me? But in the meantime I’ve got y’all covered. Today I’m breaking down the restaurants that I did get a chance to enjoy, savor, and photograph. Stay tuned though! As I have a feeling this will be updated rather shortly as I’m already dying for another visit. In the meantime, here’s a great starting point on where to eat in New Orleans. Where to Eat in New Orleans Compère Lapin: I stumbled on this spot mostly by accident, and by accident I mean I just looked for Instagram worthy restaurants on Yelp! until I stumbled on this one. It didn’t disappoint. In fact, I ordered so much food that a server asked me multiple times when someone was joining me. The Biscuits…

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