Out of Office:
India Bound

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Happy to report that I’m safe and sound in India with Anchal Project for the next 18 days, and after traveling 7,683 miles over the last 26 hours I’m more than ready to hit the ground running and experience all that this trip has to offer me. 

Needless to say things will be more quiet on this front than usual as I take the time to enjoy all that these next few weeks are gonna throw my way. I’ll be posting weekly recaps of what we’ve gotten into and where all we’ve been, as well as regular posts on Instagram as often as I manage to find service and/or wi-fi. 

  • Yayyyy! Enjoy your time in India, Josh!

  • Have a good trip!

  • Welcome to India, Josh! I hope you have an amazing time here. Please, let me know if you’re visiting Delhi (capital of India) 😉

    • Thank you Akshay! It’s been great so far, and sadly, I was in Delhi my first day, but I won’t be back until I fly out on the 21st!

      • It’s great that you’re enjoying Josh! I’m sure you will experience some unforgettable moments in India. Btw, thanks for posting beautiful pictures on Insta!